Monday, July 25, 2016

From the balcony

I am typing this blog to from the balcony. The cot makes a wonderfully comfortable place for me to sit out here.

The little waterfall makes a tinkling sound as the water drops into the pool.

The hummingbirds love the new feeder! This feeder features a ring that goes completely around for the birdies to stand on while eating the sweet nectar. The feeder that fell off the balcony had no place for the hummers to stand and they had to fly while feeding.

I positioned myself on the cot bed so that I have a clear view of the feeder. Are you surprised to know that a hummingbird comes to the feeder more than once a minute?

Impatien flowers
The impatien flowers growing on the balcony are struggling. I believe it is the temperature here in the City of La Mesa that is putting the impatiens in distress. It seems to me that the thing to do now is to buy six-packs of impatiens and replant all the pots.

I am going to clean out the soil from all the pots and replace that soil with Miracle-Gro Potting Mix. That should give the flower garden the boost to life that it needs!

The Bonsai trees
There are now two Bonsai trees growing on the balcony. I have pruned the larger one a bit. It is difficult learning about the art of Bonsai!