Monday, June 27, 2016

Shopping on the internet

I wrote to you last January that I was doing almost all of my shopping on the internet. This change from shopping at brick and mortar to shopping at internet stores was not something that I did deliberately. It just developed over time. Because the internet stores have sooooo much more!

Selection! When I go shopping on the internet, EVERYTHING is available for me. And I know what I am looking at because of pictures. Not necessary to drive. All I do is search. Man!!

I bought my last pair of shoes on the net from Amazon. And those shoes fit me perfectly. I love the look of them too!

Bonsai Tree
Last week I bought a Bonsai Tree from Amazon, and it arrived today in my mailbox! It is sooooo cute!

I have a little challenge to overcome with my Bonsai. That challenge is with sun exposure. My Bonsai is supposed to have direct morning and filtered afternoon sun. My apartment balcony faces north. Sun only shines on my balcony in the summer months, and then only for about two hours a day.

However, I may be able to resolve this sun exposure challenge with a proper electric light.

Out in the Sun
It is the late afternoon. I've placed the new little Bonsai on the edge of two Impatien pots. There, Bonsai is out in the Sun and getting a nice dose of healthy sunshine!

Pic looking out kitchen window