Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fredericka's mouse

My very good friends, Pete and Fredericka have been yearning to be full-time RVers for many moons. They have been stymied by their accumulation of "stuff" at their rented home. Finally, they came to a point where most of their "stuff" had been disposed of, and they took-off down the road. Happy day!!

A couple of days ago I received a phone call from Pete and Fredericka. They were in the area of my Guava Gardens apartment, and wanted to drop by for a visit! Wow! Wonderful! I don't get many visitors, and really love it when friends come to call.

I have just enough seating in my apartment for two guests and myself. The three of us were busy chatting when Fredericka noticed a very small mouse enter the room, coming from the foot of my kitchen counter.

Mouse war
The next day I paid a visit to Dixieline Hardware and  bought four mouse snap traps. I loaded one of the traps with cheese bait. The next day, I found that my mouse had taken the cheese bait without setting off the trap!

Researching in Google, I learned that crunchy peanut butter is a very good solution to deal with wily and dextrous mice.

This afternoon when I returned to my apartment, I found that a mouse had been caught by the Victor snap trap and its peanut butter bait.