Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Scampy A Fulltime RV

8am - During the last leg of my last Scampy trip, I made a decision to fulltime in Scampy. Really! This is not a joke.

My plan was to put MsTwayler into the storage yard here at Lone Wolf. Then, go off on my merry-way fulltiming in Little Scampy.

However, that plan never even got off the ground. Never could. Because after messing around in MsTwayler for only an hour, it became obvious to me that Twayler is sooooo much more comfortable than Scampy. 

That fulltiming in Scampy idea has, I believe, occurred to me before. Several times! When I am off on a Scampy trip, it's such a good time, that idea pops up in my brain again.

Best RVing Life
It's clear, as I am Blogging to you right now, that the best RVing life for me is MsTwayler for my home base and Little Scampy for my running-around-and-camping life.

That'll never change! Why do I get double minded about this over and over again?

2pm - Tons of stuff
I've been working steadily since before dawn this morning, doing tons of accumulated stuff. Expense accounting [bank, credit cards, bills, etc].

Over many years of doing this kind of work, I have found that I must do one-thing-after-another. Without prioritizing. Because when I prioritize, I seem to put the things that I don't mind doing at the top. And the things that I hate doing, at the bottom.

And then I never get to doing the things that I hate to do!

Toll Road Violation
One of the things I had to take care of, is a Tow Road Violation notice that arrived in my mail. I get a kick out of [meaning despise] this kind law or regulation.

Google directions took me on to a toll road. And then the toll road directed me to drive around the toll booth!! I realize that the toll people likely are simply trying to save drivers their time. And, save the toll workers from having to collect tolls from every vehicle using the toll road.

A sign told drivers about paying tolls online. I pulled over immediately and attempted to go online and pay the toll. At that point, I was only about 100 yards from the toll collection booth. But that booth was located on the other side of a tall fence. So I couldn't just walk over there and pay the toll.

I found their website, and also found a routine that was set up to pay tolls. But this routine had a bug! And would not work!! After about a half hour of struggling with this toll routine, I gave up and drove on.

The toll people have a camera set up to capture photos of the licenses of all vehicles using the toll road. And these photos are matched with payments. If there is no match, a violation notice is mailed. A 30-day no penalty period is in place. If payment is not received within 30-days, the $13 dollar toll gets added to a $100 dollar violation penalty!

I arrived back home and received that violation notice in my mail.
32-days after using that toll road!  Two days late! Wow!

Thru no fault of mine, I am now hit with a $100 violation penalty!

Then, I thought to myself, "If I just make out a check for $13 dollars, date that check within the 30-days, and mail it in......how will those toll people know that I was late?"

That's what I did. On the way to 24 Hour Fitness, I deposited that toll payment letter into a US Mail box 😇.

Who is this cool and foxy guy?