Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I'm doing pretty good. But I did not have hardly anything new to blog about. That's why I have not blogged since August 9th.

Here is what is going good:
  • I am healthy. Don't need to go to the doctors for sickness. 
  • I have enough to eat. Mostly eat out. In restaurants.
  • My golf game is coming along. I play golf with my friend John about twice a week.
  • I exercise at the YMCA. Not enough. But at least I am doing a little.
  • My sleeping habits are strange. I go to sleep around 4am and awaken about 10am.
  • I still ride my electric bike. At least two trips each day. Sometimes several bike trips!
Today I am biking over to a nearby Chili's Restaurant for supper. I like Chili's because I am able to get a seat at the bar immediately on entering. There are several TVs at the bar, all tuned to sports. I like that! The food is good. I like Chili's steaks and ribs. Also they have good Mexican food.

PS: Did you watch the Little League World Series game today? Mo'ne Davis, a girl player for Philadelphia is soooo exciting to watch! She pitches and plays first base. Whatta gal!!