Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Beyond years

Tomorrow I have a date for lunch with two ladies who live at my Guava Gardens Apartments. They are Dora and Rosalie who are best friends with each other.

These two are unusual women. They both have a spectacular outlook on their lives. Happy and optimistic are both these ladies. I like them both a lot!

Our date begins at 11am, tomorrow. The three of us will travel in my car to the nearby City of Santee where we we have a Hibachi reservation at the Okawa Japanese Steakhouse.

Why beyond years?
I have titled this blog, "Beyond years".  Because when I first got to know these ladies, the thing that stood out about them was their years, their age. However, after a short time I began to see behind their eyes. Dora who is 104 and Rosalie who is 83 are not old women.

They are both young ladies. They just happen to be living in the bodies of old women. What a good time the three of us are going to have!

Photo explanation
I take responsibility for this photo. Rosalie and Dora who are always smiling, did not get a chance to smile. In fact, they did not get a chance to even swallow their food before I took their pic!

For some reason, I snapped this pic without saying anything to them. Luckily, they were observant and saw me readying to snap their pic and they both turned toward the camera.

We all had a swell lunch at Okawa Steak House & Sushi. Neither Rosalie or Dora had ever eaten at a Japanese hibachi. They really got a kick out of it.

Rosalie is in the background and Dora in the foreground