Saturday, December 16, 2017

The new lock

Day 17

Tweaking Scampy's New Lock

Last nite, it got a bit too dark to complete the installation of Scampy's new lock. This morning, we want to install a wood shim between the inside of the door and the lock. At present, the new lock is kinda loose. Because the screws that hold the the lock tight against door bottom out before clamping tight.

This shim will be fabricated from 1/2" plywood and will match the shape of the of the lock's inside mechanism [We will take a pic to show you].

Also, the two angle brackets that hold the strike plate, are a bit too wide and need to be cut down. We have the tools to do this modification. Even a portable vice!

Friday, December 15, 2017


Day 16

Big Day Today

We are Blogging to you from Denny's. We tried going online at our Nite Camp, but our net connection was sooooo slow!

We have a lot on our agenda for this Friday. The top thing is Scampy's door lock project. We want to record the lock installation in video. This video is a project in itself!

We are using iMovie to create this video which will be made up from not only action packed scenes starring "Yours truly!", but also still pics to show how Scampy's door will be altered to accept the new lock.

The old lock is fitted into the door thru a much smaller hole. We will be sawing that hole to enlarge it to accept the new lock.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Day 15

Scampy's New Door Lock

The door lock that was installed by Scamp Trailer is a terrible device. Hard to close. Sometimes opens by itself when Scampy is traveling down the road. And, to lock the door from the inside, a tiny pin must be inserted into a small hole in the lock mechanism.

Really now, Scamp Trailer! You could not do better than this?
Scamp trailer owners have been complaining about this lock abortion for many years.  I joined Scamp Owners International which has a forum. Searching on that forum, I found solutions to the dreadful lock nightmare [Link].

Today, I'm planning on installing a replacement lock. I've been pondering how-to-do this lock installation for several weeks. Today, I take the plunge!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Day 14

The Joy of Street Camping

We suppose that you might label Tioga George the top-dog of folks living on the street. Because we live at a much higher standard compared to other street folk.

With MsTioga, we have been on-the-street since February 25, 2003. That was the day that we drove home from Manteca Trailer and Camper where MsTioga had been living until George spotted her there.

When we got back to Concord, California [Where George had an apartment] we found that we needed to go to a hardware store to buy some screws. After the screws were purchased, we started to head back to camp on the street near the apartment. That was the place that was home for us.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Propane hose

Day 13

Tweaking to Perfection

Little by little, the Scampy Team's progress on our many projects, inches it way forward.

It seems to take a lot longer than it should take. For example, the tweak to get the propane hose off of running across the center of Scampy's floor. This hose tweak was hanging fire for several weeks while waiting for a propane quality quick-disconnect valve to be found and received [Link].

With this tweak now complete, we have two situations:
1. When Wave3 Catalytic Heater is not being used, the hose is disconnected from the heater and is stored in the under-sink cabinet.
2. When Wave3 is being used, the hose runs along the edge of the floor as shown in the pic below.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Weight loss

Day 12

Big Life Change

In this Blog post, I am NOT suggesting for others to cease following their doctor's orders [Prescriptions, etc]. However, what I am writing about here is likely an event that is the most important in my lifetime! So, I am Blogging about that event.

This morning, I replied to Reader Chartrue 2 who asked me for info about my medical care, prescription meds, etc.

You may read my comment/reply to Reader Chartrue 2 by clicking [Here].

However, my going off all prescription meds had other effects on me. Perhaps not as dramatic, but extremely significant for my health.

During the approximate 6-months period after I went off all prescription meds [Beginning June, 2016], my body weight began to decrease. I have weighed the same for decades. And then, in this short period of about 6-months, my weight decreased from 185 pounds to 145 pounds.

This weight decrease was NOT because I had a terrible disease [ie: Cancer]. I believe that my meds disrupted my homeostasis [Link]. It is my belief that prescription medications had the effect of reducing my body's sensitivity to know when I needed [or did not need] nutrition. As a result, I maintained a much higher body weight.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

San Diego

Day 11

Nite Camp Park

We have stayed the nite at a place that Señor Tránsito has named Nite Camp Park. We are on a wide, quiet and very flat street. Hardly any road crown here. We love that!

Our Nite Camp

Saturday, December 09, 2017


Day 10

The harder it is.....

.......The better it gets!

Is it the struggle that makes me so darn happy?

That seems to be what happened yesterday after the round of golf. I was sooooo exhausted that I had to sorta drag myself back to Scampy. Set up the bed and plunk myself down. I slept for about two hours.

On waking up, I lay there. Wondering what had happened. But the thought came to me, that what ever had caused me to be so exhausted, I felt so good about it.

Friday, December 08, 2017


Day 9

1st Golf in Six Months

I've just now returned from a round of golf. There has been no golfing for me since last May!

I played with my new Divkin golf club. Do you want to know my score? It's 111 for 18 holes!!

Thursday, December 07, 2017


Day 8

On The Level

My experience with balance has been, the older I get, the more that I am challenged with balance. When I make Nite Camps on a street, often the street is way out of being level. In these situations, I'm constantly correcting to keep from toppling over!

Recently, I Nite Camped in a town whose streets had much bigger than average crowns. The gutters were way low! During my Nite Camp in this town, many times I would lean kinda uncontrolled into Scampy's lowest wall!

I've been mulling over doing a simple leveling device. A bottle jack attached to an extension rod.

Bottle jack attached to extension rod

Note: My balance has definitely improved because I do not let balance issues stop me! [ie: Keep doing stuff even though I may fall down occasionally] .