Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First day at SKP Jojoba Hills

1pm  - Well, my sleeping plan last nite, was to get to bed before midnite. That didn't work?? I got to bed after 3am! But that's OK. Because I got up at 10am 😎.

I had bit of a problem getting online with my iPhone's personal HotSpot. I could not figure out what was not working? Tried rebooting both iPhone and MacBook Air. Still the HotSpot still did not work?

Just a few minutes ago, the HotSpot began working again. On its own. I did not do anything. Hmmmmm?

2pm - Paying the rent
Having my electric bike here at the SKP park is a blessing. I am able to go all over the park with ease. On the iPhone, there is an App that tells me where the RV that I am living in is located. The App points an arrow in the direction of the RV. It also reports how far away from me is the RV! Cool.

I am staying at Jojoba for 10 days. Until September 2nd. The rent and electric comes to $240 for the ten days. $24 bucks a day. Pretty good, huh?

3pm - Exploring
The electric bike's battery is charging now. As soon as it is charged, I'm going out exploring. Take pics for you to see 😎.

5pm - Hot tub and library
The Jojoba Hills swimming pool, [2] hot tubs and library, have something that is in common with my Guava Gardens Apartments. Hardly anybody uses the facilities?? Hmmmmm?

I took a pic of the uncovered outdoor hot tub [there's a covered hot tub too.] The pool had one person in it. It's a HUGE pool!

For sure I will use this hot tub a lot!

A lovely library. I did some blogging 
sitting on the couch [right]

11pm - Cooking supper
Back when I was Tioga George, I did a lot of cooking in MsTioga's kitchen. Now, MsTioga is no more. But I remember what went down,

I really got a kick out of cooking up supper out in the wilds of Montana. Or down in southern Mexico, right up against the Guatemala border!

MsTioga and I have cooked up supper all over western Canada and the United States. And pretty much all of Mexico

You might wonder if I miss those times? If I miss MsTioga? I don't miss those things. But if you asked me how I do feel? I would answer that:
"I am filled with nostalgia for those times."

Would you like to see supper this evening? Hmmmmm?

From L-R: Brussel sprouts, Fajita chicken, 
Sweet corn, Cherry tomatoes & Baby carrots