Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Apple Valley

Day 42

Honda's Pink Slip
7:45am - Yesterday I phoned Rowena. During the conversation, I mentioned that I had to return to Apple Valley for Honda's pink slip.

In order to transfer ownership to the buyer, that pink slip has to be delivered. The pink slip is back in Apple Valley at Lone Wolf, inside sweet Twayler.

Rowena asked if I am going to fly? Flying never crossed my mind! I had planned to drive there with the Ford towing Scampy.

9am - Breakfast by George
When I made my breakfast this morning, Little iPhone captured a pic. Little iPhone told me, "That's a nice looking breakfast, George. Let's put it on the Blog!"

2pm - Little Honda to body shop
We made an appointment with Nels at Trachsel Body & Paint. Nels needed a paint sample from Honda.

We have an appointment for Honda to return on Friday, June 23rd at 10am. Honda should only be in the shop about an hour or so.

We don't know what it is about Oregonians! They are sooooo nice and polite. It's like all of the people in Oregon are from a small town.

3pm - Dealing with California DMV
It may seem to you that obtaining a Title of Ownership from California DMV would be an easy thing to do. It may turn out to be easy to do. However, keep in mind, this is California that we are dealing with.

Right at this moment, I have a phone call scheduled to come to me during the next hour or so from a DMV tech person. I'll report to you what happens!

3:40pm - Straight dope from the tech person!

I will be sending two forms to CA DMV:
➡︎ Change of address for Little Honda
➡︎ Application for duplicate or paperless title [pink slip] for Little Honda

The "pink slip" requires a $20 payment.

Since it will take about one month to receive the title [pink slip], I may be able to use that month to find a buyer for Honda so that I may receive the best
$price$. 😀

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 235 feet