Monday, December 08, 2014

Been a long time

It has been a long time since my son David talked me into going down to the only computer store in Walnut Creek, California. That was September, 1979. It is hard to believe now, but in 1979, hardly anybody even understood what a computer was. Let alone perceive what computers were destined to become! Only 35 years ago. Lord!!

Blue Tooth Ear Buds
I wanted to get blue tooth ear buds so I could listen to music from Pandora using my iPhone 5s. You might think that a guy like me who began his journey into the world of computers in 1979, would find that getting my new blue tooth earbuds hooked up and running would be an easy task. You would be wrong!

There has been a Universe size innovation in those intervening years. And if you miss out learning some of these changes, you are sh*t out of luck!

I set my heart's desire on JBL's wireless air-buds [link]. Oh, my! Naive me! Thinking that I would easily grasp what the modern child does about this device. I did not even know of the "on-off" sign on the tiny switch. Or the"volume up" and "volume down" on that same switch.

Four trips to the Best Buy store it took me to first buy, and then finally fully understand how to use my new JBL Air-Buds. But I refused to give up.

Oh God! I am a very stubborn soul.