Friday, May 16, 2003


Tioga receiving her DataStorm

We bought our Datastorm from a dealer in the City of Huntington Beach, California. We only have one pic of Mr. Datastorm being installed, the one below.

Now that Mr. Datastorm is connecting us to the internet anywhere that we go, we are free as birds, just like we dreamed about! Lately we have been going out on shake-down trips to see how everything is working. When everything is tested and working well, we will take off on our great adventure!

Traveling around California, shaking things down.
Today, Tioga & George are a mile from the tiny town of Jenny Lind, in the lower reaches of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We spent the night here, in farm country. Of course you know that we have a satellite antenna that allows us to be on the internet while we are out in the wilds of America.

We had a hard time during the first few weeks of that antenna. The dealer sold us a YEAR OLD++ antenna that had been "who-knows-where.", and told us that it was new. This ancient antenna had a bad LNB (is that bad?) The DataStorm company replaced the entire antenna, and since then Tioga and George have been cruising the net with no problems.

After we take a peak at the town of Jenny Lind, do some history research about it too, we will head up to Jackson. There is supposed to be a casino in Jackson. Maybe we will strike it rich! Tioga thinks gambling is a dirty business. What does she know?