Tuesday, May 20, 2003

P51 Mustang

George after his P51 Mustang ride.

This photo of George and the P51 Mustang was taken last month on the very first fun "shake out" trip of Tioga & George .

We happened to come onto a convention of airmen at the Nut Tree Airport [Vacaville, California]. They were part of the General Jimmy Doolittle B25 bombing raid over Tokyo. Many other pilots came to pay tribute to these brave Doolittle Raider survivors.

One of these other pilots, flew his own P51 Mustang, my favorite aircraft of all time. I asked him for a ride, and I got one which included three victory rolls and a power dive to within a few feet of the ground. I will NEVER forget it !

Tioga and George fight the ticket!
Tioga & George had quite a time today. We had a meeting with Inspector Karl of the State of California Dept. Of Parks & Recreation. It concerned the run in that Tioga & George had with Officer Suzanne Westover. Oh, I didn't tell you about that? Another Senior Moment of mine.

Well, it all began while I was visiting Fort Ross last month. I encountered two Dept. Officers who cautioned me about camping in unapproved places. One of these was Officer Suzanne, an aggressive young woman of diminutive stature.

The 2nd time that Officer Suzanne met with Tioga & George, she gave us a ticket for illegal camping. But, and this is the BIG BUTT, we were not camping because according to state law, camping can only be done at night. Officer Suzanne signed that under penalty of perjury, the ticket that she issued to us was true. So, Officer Suzanne perjured herself in issuing this ticket to us. Tioga & George made a complaint against Officer Suzanne, and Inspector Karl came up to Contra Costa, to interview us. Guess where we met? At the lovely Mictchell Canyon entrance to Mount Diablo. (The little stream is still running!)

For Tioga & George, Vagabonders Supreme, we had no choice but fight evil doers everywhere we find them. Because, we two are champions of liberty. Fighters for freedom. Remember freedom lovers, our biggest threat to our way of life comes not from the Bin Ladens of the world. It comes from our own government. That is why we two are ever watchful, ever vigilant.

Front end alignment.
This evening we are back in Stockton, because tomorrow morning Tioga has an appointment with a suspension specialist. Tioga is going to have her front alignment fine tuned. Her tendency to sway or rock, when leaving a driveway at an angle will be corrected. This swaying sometimes caused articles to leap from Tioga's cabinets. Poor Tioga was very embarrassed about this swaying, and begged me to get her fixed. Right now, Tioga is so happy about tomorrow morning's appointment (and so is George!).