Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Today was a workday for the TiogaRV Team. No driving, no sightseeing. Just working on Ms. Tioga.

When Ms. Tioga and George first met, way back in February, Ms. Tioga's kitchen sinks had terrible looking sink strainer fittings. George had been on the lookout for new fittings ever since. This morning here in Florence, Oregon, he found them in the Pro Lumber Store. They are stainless and beautiful. Everybody on the TiogaRV Team is delighted about them.

Another project that we completed today, is a wood channel thru which our DataStorm cables now run. Before the channel, the cables just hung there and looked ugly. Now it is all finished and beautiful. George likes to use his tools, especially the electric ones. George gets a kick when he feels the power of his saber saw or hand drill and he knows that all of that power is coming from Mr. Sunny, the solar electric system.

Below is a pic of George making the wood cable channel.

Here is what the wood channel looks like installed.

It may seem weird that the TiogaRV Team likes to work as much as we like to travel and see new sights. I bet that it is the same with people who live in regular homes. Don't you get a kick out of working in your garage workshop or working in the garden? We on the Team have to admit, that it is a lot better working from an RV (but we don't want to rub it in).


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