Monday, September 22, 2003

We are at Windemere Point in Fort Ross, where George scattered his Mommy's ashes last May. It is an especially beautiful place, with lovely waves crashing on rocks making beautiful ocean colors that no human being is able to describe. We will stay here thru supper, and then boondock somewhere else. Camping is not allowed here, for what reason, we do not know.

George received a citation for camping at this exact spot in May, which he contested. That citation was dismissed.

When we were here in May, we were on a shake down cruise for Ms. Tioga. So much has happened since then. Ms. Tioga and George were talking about our whole trip last nite. We both agreed that it was hard for us to realize that we have been on our Journey almost four months !

The pic below shows George looking at the scattering place on Windemere Point.

It is almost impossible to find boondock sites in the Fort Ross area near the seashore. We moved back into the mountains to the east. There was a pullout surrounded by a farmland like meadow which had beautiful open sky. George spent a few hours out there during the nite looking at stars, constellations and such. Warm! It is so warm up here away from the ocean. We did not even have to turn on Mr. Wave, our catalytic heater.

Tomorrow we will decide to return to Windemere Point or continue down the coast towards Jenner. The talk among the TiogaRV Team Members is, Jenner.

Latitude: N38 31.25' - Longitude: W123 11.99'


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