Thursday, September 18, 2003

Yesterday, on the way to our boondock site in Garberville, we drove down the Avenue of the Giants. We cannot see all of those huge trees without beginning to take them for granted. They are SOOO big. And there are so many of these gigantic trees. Their bark is very beautiful, a lovely grey-brown color. Mr. Sony Mavica tried and tried to capture the immensity of the forest, and he finally gave up. George's eyes could see it, and George wishes he could describe what he saw, but he cannot. Because it is overwhelming. Below is a pic of George standing in front of a seedling redwood.

In the morning, we looked at the sights around Garberville, an eclectic town with lovely people. George saw a store with a sign, "The Hemp Shop." He made a beeline to that store. There was no grass to be had ! Only clothes made from hemp.

We continued down the road and saw the South Fork of the Eel River below us. "That looks beautiful down there," remarked Ms. Tioga. So we turned off and found a nice place to boondock. We only travelled maybe 10 miles today. That sounds just about enough :) Below is a pic of George, Ms. Tioga and the Eel River. Isn't it beautiful?

Below is a pic of the South Fork Eel River at early eveing. We thought this subtle dark river pic to be very haunting. What do you think?

Latitude: N40 2.73' Longitude: W123 47.07'


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