Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Good Morning Everybody! Yesterday was one of the precious days in George's life. One of those days that we don't know is special until after it passes, and we look back.

George spent the day with his two oldest friends. Sidney and David. All three grew up together in City Terrace, the old neighborhood that The Team visited last Sunday. Sidney, David and George talked and talked, and ate, and talked some more. Three life-long friends, who now have grown old. Our hair is now grey. Our youth has gone. And yet, we are closer today than we ever were when we were children playing together in City Terrace, so very long ago.

George was so caught up in yesterday with his old friends, that he forgot take Mr. Sony Mavica with him! What a shame! We have no pics with Sidney, David and George !!

Today, the Team will spend time working on Ms. Tioga. George backed into a fire hydrant Sunday evening, and crunched a small part of Ms. Tioga's rearend.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and we have a date to meet with George's cousin Jacky, and her Mom, who is also George's Aunty Rochelle. The Team will remind George and Mr. Sony Mavica to take pics at this meeting. No more forgetting the pics!

We made nite camp in a shopping center parking lot in Santa Fe Springs. There is an In-N-Out Burger a 100 yards away. Yummmm!

Latitude: N33 56.38' Longitude: W118 2.85'


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