Monday, December 01, 2003

We are now On The Road Again! The pic below shows George preparing to leave Seymour & Shirley's home while Ms. Tioga waits patiently, as always.

We have stopped for awhile at the beach in Carpinteria, in order to catch up on our email, and do a bit of Ms. Tioga maintenance. George bought some grey Rust-Oleum paint in order to touch up some of Ms. Tioga's decorative striping. On Wednesday, Ms. Tioga will receive an entire red stripe, to replace a deteriorated stripe at Starbuck Truck Refinishing in Fullerton, east of Los Angeles. George likes that name, "Starbuck."

George has been doing a lot of fine tuning and tweaking to Ms. Tioga. Yesterday, George removed two stabilizing jacks that were original equipment with Ms. Tioga. These jacks are not necessary any longer, now that we have Mr. Levelers on board. A short while ago, George repainted the rear bumper that Uncle Seymour welded on yesterday.

We were intending to nite camp in Camarillo, but when we were in Oxnard, we spotted a Sam's Club. George cannot resist going into a Sam's Club. First of all, they have those Kosher Hotdogs with a soda for only $1.50!! Also, this is the place where George bought all of Mr. Sunny's Golf Car battery bank, so George has to check out the automotive section which includes at least 1/2 hour looking at tires!

Looking over Mr. DeLorme's little red Nite Camp Flags, we see a terrific Nite Camp site where we stayed on November 5th & 6th, last month. Only 8.5 miles away. We are now in the Sam's Club parking lot munching on popcorn. After 10pm, we will head toward the beach and nite camp. The last time that we were here, police came by just as we were leaving in the morning, so we will wait 'till people are asleep before we camp. The policeman told us that someone called them saying that they did not recognize Ms. Tioga! Can you imagine that?!

Latitude: N34 11.21' Longitude: W119 14.51'


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