Friday, February 20, 2004

It is just about noon, time for George to eat breakfast. Hey! What can we say about these hours!? George is retired!

In the pic below, Ms. Tioga & George have their pic taken by Mr. Sony Mavica. We are in Mission Bay Park, San Diego, California.

But before George goes to eat breakfast, he just HAD to ride the swing! What a kid!?

After breakfast, George is going to remount the Xantrex Inverter/Charger because the Xantrex likes to be in a place where there is more air circulation!

It is now after 5PM and Baby Xantrex is remounted, way up high as you will see in the pic below. As we were working on this remount, Baby Xantrex reminded George that he is Mr. Sunny's son, and that we should introduce him.

Everybody, say hello to Baby Xantrex, Mr. Sunny's son!

George put a nice Roast Beast into the oven, and the inside of Ms. Tioga is very terrific with the roasting fragrance. George is starving for supper.

Mr. Mavica snapped this pic of George and Ms. Tioga looking at the subtle dusk settling over Mission Bay in San Diego. Wow!


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