Monday, March 01, 2004

We left our Pala Nite Camp site and headed toward the town of Temecula to make Breakfast Camp.

George worked on Ms. Tioga's DataBase after breakfast. Readers have suggested including GPS coordinates in the DataBase. George has been busy putting GPS in both the Blog and the DataBase. The early Blog posts had no GPS coordinates.

A friend of George's, his former boss in the early 1990s, has a home in Palm Desert and we are heading there now to see him.

We have been doing mechanical maintenance on Ms. Tioga everyday. Mr. Onan is working fine, but continues to cut out his engine, although not as much as before. The Team bought an Onan Maintenance Manual, and now we believe that this cut out problem is the Oil Pressure Switch or its cable connection. This switch is buried under the engine cowling, so we are not able to just look at it.

Readers who have not visited an American Indian Gaming Casino might be flabbergasted! George certainly was! The Pachanga Casino in Temecula, CA, is immense. All of the games, from Craps to Blackjack are offered.

George tried to win some $money$ from Mr. Pachanga at his favorite game, craps, and lost $15! Hate that! The Pachanga Casino plays Card Craps!? What's that? How do you figure the odds with cards coming out of two huge shoes? Sucker's Crap Game, if you ask us! Never play that game again, that is for sure!

Indian Casinos are a find for RVers because they all seem to offer "free" parking in level lots. "Free" if you do not gamble!

Below is a pic and link of the growing Pachanga Casino.

Pachanga Casino Link
GPS Pachanga Casino: N33d 27.248' W117d 6.281'

We have founded, Camp Temecula, about 5 miles east of the City of Temecula, 300 yards south of Hwy 79. Ms. Tioga is all levelled out by Mr. Levellers. Mr. DataStorm is up.

We travelled exactly 20 miles today. That is about all that we should travel with gasoline @ $2.20/gallon. That comes to just a tad under 34 cents/mile @ Ms. Tioga's fabulous 6.5 mpg mileage! Wow! Actually, this is a perfect day, travelling wise. It is the mid-afternoon, the best time to camp.

Below is a pic of The Team at Camp Temecula. Are you able to see anything different about George? Clue! Look at his hair, OK?

Tomorrow we will travel about 48 miles to reach Palm Desert and visit with George's friend, whose name is also George!


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  1. We did something similar, the Kelwona Casinos in Upper Peninsula Michigan had free rv sites with electricity and one even had showers and gave you access to the hotel pool and gym (Free night coupons for joining their free club).