Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Team is pulling out of our Camp Site on the Main Salmon
River. A reader wrote to us asking, "How can you just leave
a place as beautiful as where you are?"

We want to tell you how we feel about this place. Do you want
to know? The pic below, is how we feel.

It is hard to go. We thought about how we felt about leaving
the Main Salmon last nite. We have deep feelings. But they are
not sad feelings. They are remembering feelings. The Main Salmon
and our wonderful Camp Site are in our history now. It will never,
ever leave us.

We are in Grangeville, Idaho. George picked up his mail at the
Post Office General Delivery and then went grocery shopping. Now it
is Laundromat Time. We love to wash clothes, don't ask me why?!

We are Nite Camped next to a park. There is a steady rain. No sign
of any leaks!!!

Supper tonite will include the wonderful Meat Loaf that George made
this morning up on the Main Salmon! It must really be good, because
George cannot resist nibbling on that Meat Loaf!


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