Wednesday, May 19, 2004

You might not be able to see the fields of Canola in the
distance behind our Grangeville Camp, but they are there.
Canola seeds are a big crop here in this part of Idaho.
George met some folks who grow Canola and they told us to
look out for the fields with a very pretty yellow color.

Here is a better pic of the Canola Fields looking from high
above Grangeville. Aren't the Canola Fields beautiful?

We have to do some research on The Net, to see where we should
head to today. Lewis & Clark might have stood right here, almost
two hundred years ago. Wow! Do you want to take a peek at
the Lewis & Clark map link below?

12 Noon
The Team has studied about Lewis & Clark in this area of Idaho.
It seems that the L&C Expedition, often travelled a greater distance
in a day than we of the Tioga & George Adventure Team!

The Team has decided to look at the "Elk City Wagon Road" near Harpster,
Idaho, about 12 miles from our Grangeville Campsite. L&C may not have
travelled on this Road. But lots of pioneers did.

As we were pulling onto Hwy 13 for the trip to Harpster, we noticed a
tiny Road Sign that read, "Mt. Idaho-Elk City Road." This happens all
the time to The Team. We are guided. Isn't that just great?!

We travelled about 20 miles toward Elk City, alongside the Clearwater
River and have made Nite Camp at Meadow Creek, a Nez Perce National Forest
Campground. Below is a pic of George looking at Meadow Creek.

Oh yes, I know what you are wondering? You want to know if Meadow Creek
Campground is Free, right? You bet! Absolutely free! :)

George has been doing a lot of thinking about an essay that he's working
on called "Old Time Friends." In the late afternoon, George stopped thinking
and went outside to see what was up. Mr. Mavica snapped this pic of George
looking at the end of the day.

How do we get so lucky to find these Campsites?


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