Saturday, May 01, 2004

George reaches for a New Day! What adventures will this New Day bring to The Team?

George was answering email, and while he was typing he saw four specks moving high on the hill behind Ms. Tioga. Looking thru binoculars, there were four female elk up high near the ridge. Wow! Mr. Mavica said that they were too far away for him to get a pic! Too bad! These elk were brown and white.

We are about to head up the road looking for today's Adventure! We will pass near Alkali Lake and the Town of Wagontire. That is an interesting name!

We are Nite Camped on Squaw Butte Road, which is the entrance to a rangeland experimental station. In the pic below, George stands alongside the entrance sign to this station.

We had such a fantastic and interesting day! We learned a lot of things. Do you want to know what we learned? Hmmmm?

The first thing that we came upon, was the Highway Well Rest Stop. The water here was so great tasting. Ms. Tioga filled her fresh water tank from this well. Below is George and the sign from Highway Well Rest Stop.

But that wasn't all!! There were a bunch of informative sign boards placed in the rear of Highway Well Rest Stop. The one that we show below, told about Rock Cribs. Remember yesterday we took a pic of one of these, and wondered about them? Below is the Rock Crib sign board.

Click pic of rock crib to enlarge.

In the pic below, the mountain face that you see George looking at, is called an escarpment, and is formed from
a 2,000 foot high layer of lava. Wow! This escarpment, or raised ridge was formed little by little over a
10 million year period, as the lava broke into large blocks and tipped up. As this escarpment rose, it left the
plain where George is standing far below.

Can you in your mind's eye, imagine what this place looked like, smelled like, and felt like, when the
volcanos were erupting that made a 2,000 foot layer of lava?

For us on The Team, this is unimaginable !!

A bit further down the road, we came upon the Town of Wagontire! Wow! There is even a "Wagontire International Airport" which is across the road from the only enterprise in this tiny town, "The Wagontire Cafe." If you pass by the Town of Wagontire, you must drop into the Wagontire Cafe. Two people work there, a mother and daughter, and they are soooooo friendly, you would not believe! There is a motel run by the same people who own the cafe and an RV Park with full hookups.

George just had to share with all of you, the beautiful flowers that are flourishing within a few feet of Ms. Tioga! There were five more flowers, as lovely as these too!

Note to Everybody!
I am soooo thankful, and sooooo lucky to be blessed by you readers of Tioga & George! Because of your help, I am able to stay out here in these beautiful and wonderful places.

I was walking around this Camp a few moments ago, looking at all the flowers, seeing the vastness of this place, hearing the sound of quiet; it is overwhelming!

I thank you, every single one of you, for making this Adventure of mine possible!

Bye for now,


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