Friday, June 25, 2004

Today's Trip Plan
The Team is heading East today, leaving Yellowstone Park. Our
destination is the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wyoming. We
never know how far we will get in any particular day. There is
so much Adventure out there! How could we know what will happen?!

Yellowstone's Majesty!
There are some places in Nature, that leave The Team overwhelmed. The
entrance to Yosemite is one of those. When we first saw Half Dome and
the waterfalls, we were overwhelmed!

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone at Artist Point is one of these
overwhelming places. Impossible to capture, impossible to forget.

Here is George looking at the absolutely magnificent multicolored
canyon with the falls! Words fail!!

Downstream from the pic above, is the lower canyon whose colors may
even exceed in beauty.

We continued toward the East Entrance of Yellowstone Park. Suddenly
we realized that we were surrounded by many hundreds of Bison! They were
everywhere. All around us. This must have been what the Indian people
of centuries ago saw on these plains.

The pic below is just a tiny fraction of the bison that were there.
Mr. Mavica could not in his wildest dreams, capture the scene of the
plains filled with bison!

The Must See Place in Yellowstone Park
The road South from Canyon Village along the Yellowstone River is
a Must See! Yellowstone Park is wonderful. However, this part of
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is magnificent!

We are Camped a few miles East of Yellowstone Park, in the Shoshone
National Forest in a Campground called Eagle Creek. Two streams,
Eagle Creek and the North Fork Shoshone River flow by this Camp.


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