Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Today's Trip Plan
This morning we will visit the "Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument."

Along the way, George will pick up some mail at the Hardin, Montana Post Office.

The view of the Sunrise from Ms. Tioga's front door, told of a gorgeous day ahead.

The Team arrives at the "Little Bighorn Battlefield." George and Mr. Mavica
listened to the Park Rangers tell the story of the Famous Battle!

The Vistor's Center was wonderful! Here is a pic of Sitting Bull,
George and President Grant.

General Custer takes a pic with George.

The big mystery is, why did General Custer fight this battle? Perhaps
we can find out, by testimony of those who were there?

In the pic below, George looks at the actual ridge where Custer and about 225
soldiers and scouts saw their first view of the Indian village. The Indians
numbered about 7,000 Lakota, Cheyenne and Arapahoe. Of this number,
1,500 to 2,000 were warriors under the leadership of Sitting Bull who refused
to be restricted to the reservation and wanted to continue the nomadic life.

The result of Custer's decision to attack the overwhelming Indian force before
he had knowledge of their size brought destruction to the 7th Cavalry under
his command.

George looks at the rise where Custer's Last Stand took place. Custer
fell here, along with many of his men. Enlisted soldiers who died in
the battle are in a mass grave under the Monument.

We are Nite Camped in Custer National Forest, about 70 miles East
of "The Little Bighorn Battleground." We may be the only campers
in this "free" National Park site!

What a lovely Nite Camp. We are sooooo happy that the Sun is setting
because it has been a bit warm today!


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