Thursday, July 01, 2004

Hi Everybody! :)
Today we will explore "Devils Tower National Monument!" We will
be here until tomorrow. It seems that Mr. Trek will be able to
take us everywhere when we explore. The Monument is not that

Here is a wonderful road sign that tells the story of Devils Tower
so very well!

George, Mr. Mavica and Mr. Trek went up the hill two whole miles to
the Devils Tower Visitor's Center. The Team is sooooo proud of George
going all that way on Mr. Trek.

In the pic below, George looks at Devils Tower from as close as we
came during today's trip.

We found a field, and thought that this view had incredible

Lower down the hill, we found a place that had a cliff of gorgeous
red Earth with Devils Tower behind.

Supper time and George is having Roast Beast with gravy! Yummmm!


No anchor map link published for this day.

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