Saturday, July 03, 2004

Today's Adventure
We are soooooo excited about finding a CampSite where we will be able
to see the Independence Day Fireworks Celebration from the top of
Mount Rushmore! Wow!

It is a bright and beautiful day here at our CampSite in the Black Hills
of South Dakota!

We found a wonderful CampSite, about 12 miles from Mount Rushmore.
However, we will NOT be able to see the FireWorks tonite. Tens of
1000s of people hopeful of seeing the Independence Day Celebration
this evening, had the exact same idea as The Team.

This weekend turns out to be a time not to sightsee in the Mount
Rushmore vicinity. Crowds everywhere! Tons of motorcycle riders!
The Team is kicking back in the Black Hills National Forest.

BTW, if you plan to RV to this area, we found "no signs" leading to
the places where we have camped in Black Hills National Forest! We
had to use Mr. DeLorme, a crude map that we got from Forest Service
and a lot of exploring to find our CampSites. Wow!

Below is a pic of Ms. Tioga and George at Black Hills Camp #2.


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