Tuesday, August 24, 2004

We pulled out of Mazama Campground early, and made Breakfast Camp about ten
miles down the road along Highway 62. This is the road to Medford, Oregon,
but we will be heading west of Medford. Below is a pic of this lovely road
in the Rogue River National Forest!

We are in Grants Pass, Oregon. We have made Nite Camp inside the city, on a
quiet street where there are a few big rigs parked, always a safe sign for
MsTioga to camp. Guess what? We are only 27 miles from last year's wonderful
Camp on the Illinois River!! This is the Camp featured in MsTioga's Magazine!

Below is a pic of our Nite Camp in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Rogue River Gorge
This afternoon we visited a National Forest Service site that was sooooo interesting!
Would you like to see it? Below is a pic of a sign, which explains how the Rogue
River was formed.

Click image to enlarge.

Next, we took two pics of the Rogue River gorge, whose formation was explained by
the sign above.

Have you ever wondered how we decide where to go?
A lot of where we decide to go is just a feeling. We like to think that we are
somehow "in touch" with where we are, and a decision whether to go left or
right at a fork in the road is sort of a hunch.

We also have a feeling about how fast Ms. Tioga drives, which is usually a lot
slower than others on the road. There is a speed, where we feel "in tune." At
that speed, Ms. Tioga seems to be in a rhythm, her tires carry the right beat as
we roll down the road!


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