Thursday, March 03, 2005

Anza-Borrego Desert Waterfall Oasis!
Two readers wrote email urging The Team to visit The Oasis. Sooooo, after breakfast we are heading north to the Town of Borrego Springs to find out about this Oasis.

10AM - Breakfast view from MsTioga's table.
It is just a tiny patch of desert. Nothing extraordinary. When looking at this tiny patch of desert thru MsTioga's window, it becomes magically special.

You understand that The Team loves to travel sooooo much. However, while eating breakfast this morning, seeing this tranquil place thru the window, listening to the birdies outside. Well, I don't have to tell you about those feelings, because you already know, right?

Desert view from MsTioga's breakfast table.

1PM - Borrego Palm Canyon hike.
We are Day Camped, at the entrance to the trail up this canyon. The Park Ranger told us that more rain fell this winter than in any year in the past ten! A 12 foot wall of flood water smashed thru this canyon during one storm. This flood uprooted trees, moved huge boulders and swept away the canyon's veneer.

There are two trails. One goes past the flood wash, and the other is filled with flowers. We are going up the flood wash, and returning on the flower trail.

Somewhere up the canyon is the waterfall oasis!

5PM - Down from the Oasis!
What a hike! It is soooo beautiful and George is sooooo starving! Way up the canyon, would you believe there is a grove of huge palm trees! The flood took out a bunch of these trees, but many still stand.

George sees the palm trees at the oasis.

Climbing over the boulders past the palm trees, we found a lovely waterfall.

What would an oasis be, without a waterfall?

There were just tons and tons of lovely flowers. However, Mr. Mavica loved these purple ones the best.

What do you think of these purple flowers?

At the end of the trail, George found this gorgeous view of the creek flowing into the valley below.

Man-O-Man! What a wonderful day!

Supper tonite!
Chicken enchiladas, rice and beans and a dinner salad with rancho grande dressing! This supper will not last long, because we have worked up a real appetite this afternoon!!

6PM - Boondocked at Dump Road Camp!
Really! That's the name of the road. There must be a dump down the road, but for us on The Team, it is a fine desert boondock site!


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