Friday, April 01, 2005

Calling a Place a Park!
A park has campgrounds, where everybody is crowded into a small place. A park has rules. A park has police rangers. When I traveled thru Joshua Tree National Park, the campgrounds were all full. Only a few hundred yards after I left Joshua Tree, there was a dirt road, where I found a wonderful place to Camp. This place was beautiful, and it was outside the Park. No rules, no other campers.

Here in Sequoia National Park, it is the same. Across the road from where The Team is Camped, is Potwisha Campground. People staying in this Campground are close together, squished. Our Camp across the road is not approved. No other camper is here, because it is against the rules. Only by the graciousness of a kindly Ranger are we Camped here for this nite.

Rules. I know that rules are necessary. But what irony that giving a place the protection of the word "Park" kills the freedom to be a vagabond.

7AM – Heading up the mountain toward Giant Forest.
The Team is leaving early, before breakfast to go up the mountain. We want to be thru the twisty road part before there are many cars on the road. We will eat breakfast later, when we are past the twisty part.

Son Joe coming to camp with The Team!
Did we mention that son Joe is coming to Sequoia to Camp with The Team? Hmmmmm? Joe will stay inside MsTioga and use the table bed to sleep. Wow!

11AM – Azalea Campground has lots of snow!
Our Camp has tons of snow on the ground. It is a gorgeous day, bright and sunny!


Azalea Campground in Sequoia National Park.


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