Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hard to believe that I am sooooooo busy!
Working on the cabinets, visiting Group and with friends! Wow! I am sooooo busy. It is great to be busy, to visit with friends. However, I am certainly longing to be on the road again, where there is such peace and tranquility.

Yesterday, after spending the morning with son David installing the cabinets and buying the red oak for the face frame, I went off to attend a meeting of my cancer support group. Great meeting! That afternoon, readers who live in the area, Pat and his wife Janetta, invited me to lunch along with Janetta's brother Mick, who also reads the blog. It was a great lunch. Here is a pic of the four of us at the Banyan Tree restaurant in Pleasant Hill.


George, Mick, Janetta and Pat at the Banyan Tree.

Installing the face frame on the cabinets today.
First there is some preparation work, and then installing the red oak face frame should complete son David's cabinet project! Wow!

Today was a great day!
The cabinet project is not complete. There were many obstacles to overcome. One of them was with a router bit. Wow! I picked up a roundover router bit, which turned out to have a bad bearing. So, back I went to store to exchange it. However, the exchanged bit was the wrong one. So, back I went to the store to exchange it again. Only thing is, that driving MsTioga back and forth to the store takes a long time. Three trips back and forth takes about two hours. I am not complaining....these things happen. But by the time the router bit was exchanged, and some other obstacles overcome, I was ready for a break. I think that the face frame for the cabinet will be complete tomorrow. Maybe!

Nite Camp Site
The street where The Team has been camping for the past several nites, is the same street where I used to have my apartment in Concord. I like to camp on streets with a bunch of apartments. MsTioga seems to blend in because of the transient nature of this neighborhood.

Lyrid Meteor Shower Tonite!
The Lyrid shower should produce about 20 meteors per hours and may be a very large display this year. Nobody knows for sure. The best time to watch, no matter where you live, will be during the hours before dawn between about 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. local time on April 22nd. Simply go outside and look up, generally toward the north. Sky watchers in rural areas should spot a shooting star every few minutes.


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