Saturday, June 24, 2006

8AM - Camp Disappointment.
This morning The Team will continue heading west. Cut Bank Creek parallels Hwy #2 in this area, and we are hoping to be able to explore Meriwether Lewis' Camp Disappointment today.

Have you noticed how close we are getting to Glacier National Park? We are soooooo excited about Glacier!

11AM - Reached Camp Disappointment.
We have made a Day Camp close to the place that Meriwether Lewis named, Camp Disappointment. There is a sign here describing this historic event.


The pic on the right below shows what Meriwether Lewis likely saw as he viewed Cut Bank Creek looking west toward the mountains. The stream did not go north as he had hoped.

CampDisappointmentViewA06-24-2006 CampDisappointmentViewB06-24-2006

Camp Disappointment today (left). Lewis view of mountains (right).

Anchor Map link for Camp Disappointment.

1PM - Browning, Montana.
We stopped in Browning to see the Museum of the Plains Indians. The Team has been in Browning before. And it makes us a little sad to see this museum here.

Browning is a poor town, an Indian town located within the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The Museum is a tribute to the glory of the Plains Indians. But that glory is gone. And all that remains of that glory is the museum and the memories of the people who live here.

4PM - First glimpse of Glacier Park.
We came over the mountain to the east of the Park, and saw our first look of Saint Mary, the canyon leading up to Logan Pass and Going to the Sun Road. It was a bit cloudy when Little Mavicito took the pic below, giving an even more mystical view.

GlacierParkStMaryView06-24-2006 Copy

Glimpse of Glacier.

5PM - Rising Sun Campground.
The Team had no problem finding a great campsite in Rising Sun campground. We are at Site #37, in the sun for Mr. Sunny and online with Mr. Datastorm.

It is fantastic that we arrived late in the day and still found sooooo many empty sites in this marvelous campground!

GlacierParkRisingSunCamp06-24-2006 Copy

Rising Sun Campground.

Early evening - Rising Sun Center view.
Little Mavicito walked down to the Visitor Center to take a peek. Below are two views of the mountains south of our Camp. The view on the left is earlier in the evening, with a cloudy sky. The right view is about an hour later, just before sunset, with no clouds.

RisingSunCenterViewA06-24-2006 Copy RisingSunCenterViewB06-24-2006 Copy

Views from Rising Sun Center.

9PM - The sabbath.
I was walking up to the General Store, and came upon a group of four people who were sitting on the porch singing. It was a beautiful tune and sounded familiar. These people turned out to be from Israel and were singing a song for the sabbath, a prayer song.

Of course the tune sounded familiar, because I heard my own grandfather singing that same tune when I was a kid. The five of us talked for an hour and then went back to MsTioga so that they could send email back to Israel. What a good time!

These four Israelis live at Kvutzat Yavne, a modern-orthodox kibbutz near Ashdod. Want to hear something interesting that they did at the end of the sabbath? They looked for three stars to appear in the nite sky in order to know for sure that the sabbath (shabat) was truly over. I loved that!


From left, Shimon, Hanah, Uri and Shoshi


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