Saturday, July 01, 2006

6AM - Two Medicine.
We are leaving the remote Cut Bank Campground and heading south to Two Medicine. Hwy 49 that leads to Two Medicine has a 21 foot length limit. So, we will detour thry the Town of Browning, Montana. This is a good detour, because the Indians sell fireworks in Browning. We like to browse thru these fireworks stores.

11AM - Campground Full.
When we pulled up at the ranger station in Two Medicine Campground, the sign read Campground Full. Wow! The ranger told us that the last count was taken this morning. However, we decided to have a look-see. MsTioga drove thru the campground and quickly found two empty sites. Pretty neat, huh?

MsTioga and The Team are really lucky to have found an empty campsite in Two Medicine during the Independence Day holiday!

TwoMedicine07-01-2006 Copy

The Team in Two Medicine Campground.

3PM - Fly Fishing.
Do you remember the fly fishing rod and reel that we bought for $19.95 at the K-Mart in Wyoming? Hmmmmm? We wanted to throw it away when we found out that a license to fish cost more than the fly rod outfit. But at the urging of readers, we kept the rod, and still have it.

If we ever were to go fishing, the creek that flows out of Two Medicine Lake sure looks like the place to do it!

TwoMedicineCreekA07-01-2006 Copy TwoMedicineCreekB07-01-2006 Copy

Two Medicine Creek.


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