Saturday, September 23, 2006

7AM - New eyeglasses for Old George.
Yesterday evening we went out for supper with son David. Something seemed loose with George's eyeglasses, so David took a peek. The frame at the hinge is cracked. David suggested to go over to Lenscrafters for new glasses. So, that is what we shall do this morning.

3PM - Old eyeglasses broke!
Would you believe that the old eyeglasses broke as the optometrist was handling them this morning? Wow! It is sooooo fortunate that I did not break my glasses earlier.

Lenscrafters has a facility here at their office that grinds customer's prescription while they wait. In one hour, my new lenses were ready for me.

The cost for the exam, new lenses and new frame was $304. The eye doctor said that my eyes were healthy.


New and old glasses.

9PM - Bailey the Dog.
Across the street from son David's home lives Bailey the Dog and his humans, Casey and Jenny. George and Little Mavicito stopped by to chat. Bailey mentioned that she would like to become a Team Member, and roam around inside MsTioga. Wow!

Casey and Jenny were shocked at Bailey's words. Bailey has been with the family for five years, and they would miss her sooooooo much!


Bailey the Dog.


No Anchor Link today.

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