Monday, October 23, 2006

4:30AM - Moved to Shelter Island.
Does it seem too early in the morning to be moving Camp? MsTioga and George often wake up early. This morning we wanted to be on Shelter Island to see the sun rise over San Diego Bay.

When we arrived here a San Diego police car was just leaving the Shelter Island parking lot and did not disturb any of the several RVs that were overnite camping. This lot is clearly marked “No Camping or Over Night Parking.” San Diego police do not appear to enforce this rule.

7AM - Little Mavicito loves San Diego Bay.
Old George nearly slept thru sunrise. Little Mavicito would not let him sleep and rushed George outside in his PJs. The pic below is San Diego Bay from our Shelter Island Camp just before the sun came up.


San Diego Bay.

12 Noon - Going to the San Diego Zoo!
Do you remember last week when reader Carol came to visit? Well, Carol brought us tickets to the San Diego Zoo and the zoo's bus tour.

We are headed over to see this wonderful zoo. Thank you again, Carol!

4PM - Wonderful zoo visit.
The zoo is quite a bit larger than Old George's feet can manage. But still we saw a lot of animals. Little Mavicito selected three pics for you to see.

SanDiegoZooA10-23-2006 SanDiegoZooB10-23-2006 SanDiegoZooC10-23-2006

A polar bear, gorilla and two sleeping flamingos.

5PM - Nite Camped at MsTioga's mechanic.
Tomorrow morning MsTioga gets her tune-up. Her mechanic is RV Specialists and this company is also a Datastorm dealer. Do you remember that Mr. Datastorm was at RV Specialists last year to have a new mount installed?

We will Nite Camp here. Our tune-up appointment is for 8AM.


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