Friday, October 20, 2006

4AM - Moved to south end Encinitas.
Being close to the Burlington Northern's tracks did not disturb. The sounds of huge Interstate 5 (San Diego Freeway) made us move to the south end of Encinitas on a more quiet street. Old George is spoiled by camping in quiet forests.

6:30AM - Camped alongside Self Realization Gardens.
The Town of Encinitas posted “No Recreational Vehicles 10PM - 6AM” in the Self Realization Gardens area. However it is now 6:30AM. So, we made a Morning Camp here.

Our Preventive Maintainance Report showed Check Tire Pressure & Tread. We made a tire inspection which was excellent! All tires maintained proper pressure. MsTioga's duallys will need to be replaced in about 5,000 miles but the tread is still very good now.

9:30AM - Self Realization Gardens.
Little Mavicito was anxious to visit the Gardens, because this is his first visit. The Gardens, pools and streams are sooooo beautiful. We love the serenity, the waterfalls and the coi fish.

SelfRealizationC10-20-2006 SelfRealizationD10-20-2006

One of the places to meditate. The coi in the largest pool.

11AM - Reader Carol comes to say, “Hi”.
We are sooooo lucky to have many reader-friends. Carol is a member of the Zoological Society of San Diego which operates the San Diego Zoo. And, she brought us Guess Passes for the Zoo and Bus Tour. Wow! Thank you so much, Carol.

3PM - Outback Steakhouse.
Reader Phil works with the famous Outback Steakhouse Restaurant. Phil sent an email writing: “Looks like it might be time again for you to eat one of the "Big Filets" compliments of the Clairmont Mesa Outback Steakhouse.”

Have you ever eaten at Outback Steakhouse? Their food is sooooooo good. Would you like to take a peek at their menu? Hmmmmm? Outback's Menu.

As we wrote above, we are sooooo lucky. We cannot wait for 4PM when we will be at Outback for supper! Thank you so much, Phil.


Old George a bit early at the Outback Steakhouse.

Looking at the menu, Old George was torn between prime rib which comes with horse radish, and a steak filet. He loves horse radish. However, Outback Steakhouse has a new menu item. “Victoria's Crowned Filet” which comes with a horse radish crumb crust. Wow! That filet with the horse radish crumb crust was wonderful.


“Victoria's Crowned Filet”

5:30PM - Reader Candy drops by.
On leaving Outback Steakhouse, somebody called out, “George”. It was Candy, a reader that had emailed several times.

You know how much that we on The Team love to meet you. And it is that way with Candy. We had a wonderful talk about all sorts of things.


Candy comes to visit The Team

10:30PM - Nite Camped in the Clairmont Mesa area.
Earlier this evening, we shopped at the WalMart and bought some clothing. Also car-wash wax which was recommended by readers instead of dish soap which we had been using.

Our Nite Camp is close to Kearney Mesa Ford, the dealer who wanted to charge $700 for MsTioga's tune-up. Did you know that we found a new mechanic, and cancelled the Ford dealer appointment?


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