Friday, October 13, 2006

5AM - A small rainstorm.
We woke up to the sound of rain drops falling on MsTioga's roof. We have always loved the sound of rain. Old George stayed tucked in his warm bed, listening to the rain and thinking about how lucky he is to be living inside the wonderful MsTioga.

6AM - Moved our Camp.
As is our custom when staying in a town, we do not want to bother our neighbors by remaining in a Camp during the morning. So, we moved our Camp a few miles to a commercial neighborhood.

8AM - Exploring Ventura's foothills.
Our Mr. DeLorme spotted roads going up into the hills off of Ventura's Foothill Boulevard. So, we went to explore. However, we soon found that the imaginative Mr. DeLorme (our GPS) made up these roads, which did not exist at all. Hmmmmm?

9:30AM - Beach at Oxnard.
We decided to head south, and have found a nice Day Camp along the beach in the City of Oxnard. The sand of the beach is right outside MsTioga's door.

The sky has cleared. It is not very sunny. However, there are patches of blue sky here and there.


MsTioga and George at the beach in the City of Oxnard.

12 Noon - Michel the photographer.
Do you recall my friend, Michel? We first met Michel a couple of years ago when we Camped on the Gonzalez Rancho near Cabo San Lucas.

Michel has been working on a photo project. Just this morning I received email from Michel about his new website for the photo project. I believe that this website is fantastic, and would like to share it with you! Take a peek, OK?
The most beautiful people in the world.

2:30PM - Seabee Museum.
Reader Harry emailed suggesting we go to the Seabee Museum which is located on the Navy base here in the City of Oxnard. Reader Harry was a Navy Seabee almost a half century ago.

The Navy Seabees are fighting engineers who construct bridges, airfields, docks and anything else that needs to be built. We enjoyed our visit to the museum. The pic below shows the insignia of a Seabee construction batallion.


Seabees - Navy engineers and builders.

5PM - Nite Camped with the big rigs in Oxnard.
When MsTioga spots a place where big rigs are parked, she has found that she may Camp and be safe. First we check if the trucks have their engines running because The Team likes it quiet when we sleep.


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