Friday, October 06, 2006

6:30AM - Heading to the beach!
We had no problem at last nite's Camp, and pulled out early heading for the beach. MsTioga found Morro Strand State Beach a few miles north.

This a free parking place. The sand is a few feet away. The signs warn, No Parking 10PM to 6AM. Which means to us that we may stay here all day!


MsTioga wonders if you see her tucked in with all the beach front homes.

8AM - Our morning walk.
The first thing that we saw on our morning walk were a bunch of dolphins playing a few hundred yards off shore. Little Mavicito tried and tried to take pics of the dolphins, but they were too fast for him! George looked at the dolphins with his binoculars. They are sooooooo fun to watch!

Little Mavicito loves the little birds that walk so fast looking for food. He also likes to watch the fishermen.

MorroBeachBirds10-06-2006 MorroBeachFishermen10-06-2006

Fast birds and fishermen along Morro Beach.

3PM - Morro Bay kiteboarders.
During the early afternoon, a kiteboarder showed up. A few hours later, there were a bunch of kiteboarders, some of whom actually fly into the air for short distances.


4PM - Bought a book by John Muir.
We drove into town, filled up with propane and gasoline, and then browsed around a little bookstore. We bought a book by John Muir titled, “My First Summer in the Sierra.”

6PM - Nite Camped in an industrial area.
We chose a Morro Bay side street in an industrial area to make our Nite Camp. There are some large cranes in the yard beside MsTioga. We think that we will be safe here.


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