Saturday, October 07, 2006

6:30AM - Leaving Morro Bay.
MsTioga pulled out of her Nite Camp early, as she usually does and headed south on Highway #1. We see on the map that the City of San Luis Obispo is a few miles down the road.

7:00AM - Cruising San Luis Obispo.
We cruised thru downtown San Luis Obispo, looking at the stores. This would be a nice place to window shop, but now all the stores are closed. There are parking meters all over, so we kept driving until we came to a big vacant lot in the south of town. We made a Morning Camp here.

Our XM Satellite Radio is playing music from the 1950s. We love our XM Radio.

11AM - WalMart in Arroyo Grande.
We need to do some shopping for clothes and have stopped at the WalMart in the City of Arroyo Grande.

4PM - Books about the great John Muir.
I've spent much of this afternoon reading the book that I bought in Morro Bay written by John Muir. It is titled “My First Summer in the Sierra.”

I cannot grasp the intellect of John Muir, who seems to be intimately acquainted with all the trees, plants and animals of the forest. I on the other hand, have studied and studied and remember hardly anything about these same subjects. John Muir and I have one thing in common, however. Our love of the wilds!

I now own two books about John Muir. One written about him I've owned for thirty years. And now I have one that he wrote himself. I am in such awe of this man!


My John Muir books.

5PM - Doing laundry in Grover Beach.
It is laundry day again, and we have found a laundromat in the City of Grover Beach. We like this laundry. Most of the people here are speaking Spanish, and that is a good thing. George gets to practice listening to spoken Spanish here.

Which reminds us, that soon we will be living in Mexico again!

8PM - Nite Camped in Grover Beach.
We have made our Nite Camp in an apartment neighborhood not too far from the laundromat. We like apartment neighborhoods, because we have found them to be more tolerant of MsTioga.


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