Sunday, October 15, 2006

6AM - Morning Camped in City Terrace.
You may have read in prior posts, that Old George grew up in the Los Angeles suburb of City Terrace. That was in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

MsTioga and The Team have made a Morning Camp on City Terrace Drive. After the sun rises, Little Mavicito wants to go on our morning walk around the neighborhood.

8AM - George's boyhood.
I lived for over 25 years in the Los Angeles suburb of City Terrace. From the time that I was born until the day that I was married.

Below is a pic of my old home as it looks today, hardly recognizable, there have been sooooo many changes.


4178 Woolwine Drive.

Why has City Terrace always been a poor folk's place? It is close to downtown Los Angeles, with a lovely view from the hills. Are you able to see the tiny Los Angeles City Hall towered over by the newer skyscrapers?


View from the hill behind my old home.

10AM - Day Camped in the City of Long Beach.
MsTioga has found a place to Day Camp in Long Beach. There are very few places to park, and we were lucky to find one only about a mile away from the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps Mr. Trek will take us on a ride to see the harbor. Isn't the famous ship “The Queen Mary” here?

3PM - The Queen Mary.
We found the Queen Mary, permanently harbored behind the Long Beach Convention Center. Below are pics that Little Mavicito took this afternoon.



The Queen Mary and view looking north from the Long Beach Convention Center

5:30PM - Nite Camped in the City of Long Beach.
Our Nite Camp is on a street between two industrial buildings. Have you noticed that we like to Nite Camp inside industrial neighborhoods? Hmmmmm?


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