Sunday, October 08, 2006

7:00AM - Sounds of the morning.
Inside MsTioga there are certain sounds when morning comes. Near sunrise when energy reaches Mr. Sunny's solar panels, the Solar Boost battery charge controller closes its electric switch with an easy to hear click. Old George often hears this click even when he is sleeping.

The sound of Mr. Datastorm rising, different gears having their own special whine. Mr. Datastorm has three gear reducers for his axis movement, the final one droning on until what is called “the first heartbeat message” is received. Then the sounds of movement become short clips, as the antenna zeroes in on the space station 22,000 miles away in outer space. And then Mr. Datastorm is silent. He is connected and online.

9AM - Ron's Nursery in Grover Beach.
Reader Barbara sent an email suggesting we visit Ron's Nursery. So we went. Little Mavicito is looking for pumpkin pics for the Halloween season, and he found a few.

PumpkinsA10-08-2006 PumpkinsB10-08-2006 PumpkinsD10-08-2006

Pumpkin pics.

11:30AM - We are in the City of Lompoc.
We have made a Day Camp in the City of Lompoc. Old George spotted a Chinese restaurant with a buffet, and wants to go over there. Wow! George loves Chinese food.

2:30PM - Helping with a stuck truck.
We are washing MsTioga. Making here spiffy for our visit to Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley's home tomorrow in Santa Barbara. MsTioga does not want to arrive looking muddy and unclean!

While we were washing, a family came up pushing a truck. The engine must have been having ignition problems, and soon the battery went bad. Mr. Sunny offered the family to use our battery charger, powered by his enormous battery bank. The husband accepted, and then went off to an auto parts store to buy a module that was bad. Soon he returned, and with the battery charged and the part replaced, the engine started right up.

This family comes from the State of Zacatecas, about in the center of mainland Mexico. They were speaking Spanish to each other. George was delighted to be able to understand their conversation pretty well!

5PM - Nite Camped in Lompoc.
We found our Nite Camp in an industrial section of Lompoc, close to the Home Depot. This site is far enough from Highway #1, and it will probably be quiet here for sleeping.


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