Wednesday, October 18, 2006

7AM - Cleaning MsTioga and Vertglas story.
The Team pulled out of our Camp at Cousin Jacky's home around 6AM, and we made a Morning Camp in Longs Drugs parking lot a short distance away. After our morning walk, we washed the back of MsTioga.

Many readers have written email asking if we would recommend Vertglas to restore the shine to the outside of RVs. The answer is not conclusive. Vertglas has made MsTioga's exterior shiny. However, just regular washing with dish soap seems to produce a good shine.

So, MsTioga recommends that if the exterior of your RV is dull, and regular washing does not restore luster, than give Vertglas a try, OK?


Washing MsTioga at the Longs Drugs in Laguna Hills.

8:30AM - MsTioga's Engine Tuneup.
You would not believe how many emails MsTioga received suggesting that $700 was way too much money to pay for her tuneup. Thank you sooooo much if you wrote.

We have decided to go out and get a bunch of competitive bids.

9AM - Reader Dick drops by.
We were very happy to meet Dick, a reader who drove 45 miles from the Town of Torrance to meet MsTioga and The Team!!

Dick owns a Lazy Daze RV.

ReaderDick10-18-2006 001

Dick from Torrance, CA.

3PM - Afternoon Camped in Oceanside.
We have made an Afternoon Camp in the City of Oceanside. MsTioga would also like to make a Nite Camp here. But we will wait until later to see if this is a good idea.

4PM - MsTioga has Tune-Up News!!
We found a new mechanic and have made an appointment for MsTioga's tune-up. The company is RV Specialists in San Diego. Many of you who wrote should be pleased that we were quoted less than $300 to this tune-up. Isn't this the greatest thing? Hmmmmm?

10PM - Nite Camped in Oceanside.
We are staying here in Oceanside and have made our Nite Camp. This place seems safe, and is quiet too.


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