Tuesday, October 24, 2006

7AM - MsTioga's engine tune-up.
This morning at our Team Meeting, Mr. Chips asked MsTioga what she thought about getting her engine tune-up. MsTioga said, “I think that I am going to have a lot more zip after my tune-up.”

Old George said, “I have a lot of confidence in Mark, the owner of RV Specialists. He seems like a very knowledgeable and honest guy.”

9PM - MsTioga is in the shop.
MsTioga was driven in the shop around 9PM. In the pics below, you see MsTioga in the shop, her mechanic Darrel, and the shop owner Mark on the phone.

RVSpecialistsA10-24-2006 RVSpecialistsB10-24-2006 RVSpecialistsC10-24-2006

MsTioga gets a tune-up at RV Specialists in San Diego.

1:30PM - Tune-up complete.
The tune-up is complete. And the total cost is just about the same as the $700 price quoted by the Ford dealer. Old George watched the work being done, and feels that these charges are legitimate. But soooooo many readers thought that the cost should be less than $400. So, we are posting a copy of the RV Specialists bill for you to see, OK?


Cost of MsTioga's tune-up.

2PM - The Team goes to Mexico!
We had a short Team Meeting and everybody voted to head right down to Mexico. We did a little grocery shopping first. Sometimes it is hard to find real butter and mild enchilada sauce in Mexico. So, we bought these things and then off we went.

5PM - Getting lost in Tijuana.
MsTioga and The Team went thru the International Border with no problem. And then we made one mistake and got in the wrong lane. We found ourselves lost in the City of Tijuana!

We received directions from policemen, and still remained lost. We received help from several nice Mexican people, and continued being lost. And it was getting on toward dark.

6:30PM - Nite Camped in Tijuana.
It became clear that Old George and MsTioga were not getting out of Tijuana this evening. We pulled into an empty lot behind a Pemex gas station which is on Highway #2. We plan to spend the nite here, and continue toward Rosarito Beach in the morning.

Note to you about the Mexican people.
Since I made my camp this evening in Tijuana behind a Pemex gas station, I've received several emails from readers about this camp. One reader indicated that I must be crazy. All of the other readers expressed the opinion that this is a dangerous place to stay the nite.

It has been my experience that the Mexican people are gracious, kind and almost overly obliging. I have been embraced by the people I’ve met in Mexco and welcomed into their homes. Here at this 24 hour Pemex gas station, I have spoken to several of the employees, and they have been soooooo kind to me.

I wanted you to know about these things, so that you would not worry, OK?


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