Wednesday, October 25, 2006

7AM - The Pemex in Tijuana, Mexico.
It wasn't until yesterday evening when we got to playing around with our Mapquest map, that MsTioga's location was found. We were Nite Camped alongside the road going to Rosarito Beach! Wow!

The Nite passed with not one single problem. Nobody bothered us. There was a little traffic noise, but that died down pretty much around midnite.


Tioga and George at their Nite Camp at the Pemex in Tijuana.

8AM - Rosarito Beach, Mexico.
We drove the road from the Pemex in Tijuana south to Rosarito Beach with only one wrong turn. The highway came to an unmarked 'Y' and we took the wrong road. We asked some men working on street construction for directions. In a few minutes we were back on the correct road again.

We arrived in Rosarito Beach and went first to a Banamex (bank) and withdrew Mexican currency from the ATM. Then, we asked for directions to the nearest lavanderia (laudromat) from a lady in a store. And that is where we are now, washing clothes!


Washing clothes in Rosarito Beach.

11AM - Tourist visa.
In past years, we have appied for our Mexican tourist visa at the government building across the highway from McDonald's Hamburgers. This year things have changed, and visa applications are no longer accepted in Rosarito Beach. We will have to apply at the immigration office in the City of Ensenada.


Government building in Rosarito.

12 Noon - Camping in Rosarito is a blessing.
It is sooooo easy to make our Camp at the beach in Rosarito. There are no other vehicles here. Missing are parking meters and “No Camping” signs. Yet the beach is the same as in California.

MsTioga believes that someday this will change. But for now, we are thankful for the blessing of being able to enjoy this wonderful place.


George at the beach in Rosarito a few feet from MsTioga.

3PM - Repairing a MsTioga ding.
We do not know where or when, but MsTioga's rear panel got dinged bending the molding back. It looked ugly. RV Specialists, where MsTioga received her tune-up, supplied a replacement molding.

We just finished installing this molding. MsTioga gets dings from time to time which we try to repair as they happen. We have to keep MsTioga looking good, right?


George shows the old and new molding.


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