Saturday, October 14, 2006

7AM - Port Hueneme Dawn.
Just before we headed out from our Nite Camp, we performed some maintenance on MsTioga. It was time for a check of MsTioga's lites, and we found that her right rear tail lite was burned out. We carry a bunch of lites onboard, and quickly replaced that bulb.

Little Mavicito took the pic below of the dawn over Port Hueneme because he liked the red sky and dark clouds.


Dawn sky over Port Hueneme.

8:30AM - Entering Los Angeles County.
We passed a sign that read, Los Angeles County. Did you know that Los Angeles has the largest population of any county in the USA? 10 million people live here!!


View of the Pacific Coast just inside the Los Angeles County border.

10:15AM - Morning Camped in the City of Los Angeles.
We drove into the City of Santa Monica, figuring on making a Day Camp near the coast. Wow! We found no place to park!! There are meters everywhere, and MsTioga takes up two meters worth of space. There are a zillion cars parked here and when we found a free space, the sign read Permit Required.

So, we drove east and entered the City of Los Angeles. MsTioga is Morning Camped in an apartment neighborhood. No permit needed, and no parking meters here.

11:30AM - Adventure Los Angeles.
Traveling across the City of Los Angeles is an adventure like no other that we have been. It is a journey thru foreign countries. From our Morning Camp, we traveled first thru wealthy neighborhoods of the United States. As we proceeded east, we came upon Thailand, Korea, Cambodia. Approaching Downtown Los Angeles, we were in China.

The most dramatic country change occurred after crossing the Los Angeles River. We arrived in Mexico. It is not “like” Mexico here. This is Mexico. And, it has got to be one of the largest Mexican cities on the planet.

Little Mavicito would have loved to go out and take pics of all these countries for you to see. But that was not possible. There is no place to park!

2PM - Afternoon Camped in East Los Angeles.
We headed toward East Los Angeles for a reason. We figured that we would be able to park in East Los Angeles. And guess what?! We found a place to park with no meters, and no Permit Only parking signs.

Around the corner from our Camp, we found the Resendez Bakery. This bakery is exactly like those in Mexico. Even the prices are similar to Mexico. We paid $1.20US for the three things below.

EastLosAngelesBakery10-14-2006 EastLosAngelesBakeryA10-14-2006

Resendez Bakery near our Afternoon Camp.

Across the street from the Resendez Bakery are the stores in the pics below. Is this Mexico? Or what?

EastLosAngelesStoreA10-14-2006 EastLosAngelesStoreB10-14-2006

Stores in East L.A.

5PM - Reader Jay knocks on MsTioga's door.
We were very happy to meet Jay, who has been reading our blog for a long time. We had a real nice talk inside MsTioga, and then took a ride around the area in Jay’s car, visiting the neighborhood where Old George grew up. What a great time!

Jay10-14-2006 001

Reader Jay.

9PM - Nite Camped at our Afternoon Camp.
The Team does not usually make a Nite Camp where we have camped during the day. However, this neighborhood is very laid back, and nobody has paid any attention to MsTioga. So, we are staying the nite.


Nite Camp Location

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