Sunday, October 01, 2006

8:30AM - The Team slept late this morning!
We are usually up before dawn. But last nite the sky was sooooooo clear, that we stayed up pretty late. We were out looking at the sky and stars down on the beach. People were out on the sand having fun. What a neat nite!

9AM - Mr. Sunny is trying so hard!
The clouds are covering us this morning. A check with online weather reports show clouds all the way down the California coast. Wow! Maybe Mr. Onan our sleepy generator will have to do his thing?

Mr. Sunny is at -1.8 amps while we are typing this post, and he has to charge his battery bank with 48 amp hours to get to a full charge today. We are hoping that the Sun will break thru the clouds during the afternoon.

1PM - Grocery shopping in the Town of Seaside.
We want to prepare a batch of chicken enchiladas this evening, so we went grocery shopping in the Town of Seaside. After leaving the grocery, MsTioga made an Afternoon Camp so that Mr. Datastorm could go online.

It was then that we noticed that our Tri-Metric battery meter showed only half way to a full charge. Wow! We love clouds in the sky, but usually the Sun peeks thru in the afternoon. Not so today. So Mr. Onan is now on the job charging the battery bank.

3PM - Tioga Avenue is just down the street from our Camp!!
We went for a walk in the neighborhood around our Camp. Little Mavicito spotted a street named Tioga Avenue. Also, the Sun is peeking thru the clouds!


Do you see MsTioga waiting patiently back at our Camp?

7PM - Best enchiladas ever.
When we were shopping for groceries this afternoon, we bought a bottle of Herdez Salsa. The label read, “Mexico's favorite.” Wow! This is wonderful salsa, and we added spoonfuls of Herdez to the enchilada filling.


Chicken enchiladas.


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