Tuesday, October 10, 2006

8AM - Is MsTioga recently painted?
Uncle Seymour wondered about how good MsTioga looked. He asked, “Did you recently paint MsTioga?” Of course this is a wonderful compliment.

We have found the more often that we wash MsTioga's exterior, the better she looks. MsTioga has never been repainted.


Keeping MsTioga clean is a fun job.

11AM - Little Mavicito visits the world of Nanotechnology!
Uncle Seymour has a cousin named Nadav, who is a physicist doing research in nanotechnology. Uncle Seymour took George and Little Mavicito to visit Nadav where he works for the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Nadav's project is to work on the development of a super-computer using extremely small integrated circuits. These integrated circuits are placed in a very cold environment of almost absolute zero degrees. In this environment, the computer operates at blindingly fast speeds. The goal is to be able to solve mathematical problems in seconds that may take today's computers years to solve.

Nadav gave us a tour of the facility. Much of this work is done in a cleanroom, where the material for the integrated circuits is prepared. There are a series of windows looking into the cleanroom. In the first pic below, Nadav stands before a cleanroom window explaining to Seymour what is going on inside.

In the center pic, Nadav describes an assembly module, in which the integrated circuits are fastened into a usable and easily handled component. The right pic is where the circuits are connected to terminals using a high power microscope.

NadavA10-10-2006 NadavC10-10-2006 NadavD10-10-2006

In the left pic below, Nadav shows Seymour the super cold refrigerator which brings the assembled microchip down to a temperature of almost -273 degrees on the Kelvin scale. The microchip is tested in this cold envirnment. And the last pic is a quotation made by Albert Einstein (click to enlarge).

NadavB10-10-2006 NadavE10-10-2006

This trip into the world of tiny scientific research is quite different than The Team's usual journey. But fascinating, don't you think?


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