Thursday, October 19, 2006

8AM - Surfers in the Town of Carlsbad.
MsTioga found a lovely Camp above the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Just below us are a bunch of surfers messing around in the water. We love to watch surfers.


Surfers in Carlsbad.

1PM - Beachside Day Camping.
It is really something to find such easy free beachside Day Camping here in the City of Carlsbad. What a difference compared to Los Angeles and Orange Counties north of here.


A fifth wheel and MsTioga Day Camped along Carlsbad Blvd. for free.

2:30PM - Exploring with Mr. Trek.
We went exploring with Mr. Trek for several miles south of our Day Camp. We found that Carlsbad Boulevard runs close to the beach, with tons more free parking.

Before our ride, Mr. Trek got his chain and sprockets cleaned and lubed.


George cleaning Mr. Trek.

4:30PM - Heading for the Town of Encinitas.
We pulled out of our lovely beachside Camp in Carlsbad and headed south. When we arrived in Encinitas, MsTioga Evening Camped on a shady street one block off of historic Highway #101. The plan is to move to a Nite Camp in Encinitas after dark.


Entrance to downtown Encinitas.

8PM - Nite Camped in north end of Encinitas.
We found a small rather dark street to make our Nite Camp. Historic Highway #101 is about 100 feet away, but MsTioga thinks that the traffic will die down when it is time for sleeping. The Burlington Northern Railroad's tracks are over there too! Hmmmmmm?


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