Monday, October 16, 2006

9AM - Morning Camped in Huntington Beach.
This morning we travelled south on the Pacific Coast Highway. There are a zillion miles of beaches along this highway. As you may know, we do not like to pay to park. There is a $10 parking charge to enter the lots alongside the beaches.

So, we made our Morning Camp a half mile north of the beach. For free!

11AM - Reader Spike drops by.
Little Mavicito and George were just starting our morning walk, when Reader Spike came by to say hello. Spike had emailed a few times, but this is the first time that we met him.

Spike offered us a pass to enter the beach parking lot. And of course we said, “Yes.” So MsTioga is heading to the beach to make a Day Camp. Isn't this the greatest thing?


Spike and George inside MsTioga.

1PM - Huntington Beach Camp.
The Team has moved to Huntington Beach and made an Afternoon Camp. It is a nice day, a little bit of clouds making the temperature a pleasant 70°F.

Isn't it really something how good things happen to us? Hmmmmm? We are sooooooo lucky!


Little Mavicito catches George looking at the giant Huntington Beach.

3PM - Harbor boat ride.
Spike gave us an invitation to cruise the Huntington Harbor in his Mom's electric boat. Wow! This was a nice time.


Captain George at the helm.

6PM - Camped in Newport Beach.
We have been invited for supper in the the home David, George's oldest friend. David and George were born and grew up in City Terrace, the suburb of Los Angeles where we visited a couple of days ago.

We headed down to Newport Beach where David lives with his wife Marlynne. MsTioga found our Nite Camp not too far away from David's home. Mr. Trek will take us the rest of the way.


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