Saturday, October 21, 2006

9AM - Shopping for stuff we need in Mexico.
Down near Santa Rosalia in Mexico, there are no nurseries to be found. So, we are shopping for cactus to bring with us to plant in George's Santa Rosalia garden. We bought some small cactus. Would you like to see them?

The large cactus on the right was a donation from Aunt Shirley. The little 2” pots in the rear we bought yesterday from a 99 cent store. The other cactus we have been carrying with us.


Cactus for our garden.

11AM - Our new cell phone.
We got a new cell phone. The old one quit working. It was pretty new too. We went to a T-Mobil store and received the new phone.

1PM - Screws for Chito's repair projects.
We went to Home Depot, and bought a bunch of deck screws to use in Mexico at our neighbor Chito's home. These kind of screws are not available in the Santa Rosalia area. Since we do not know what damage occurred from Huricane John, we bought a bunch of different size screws.

3PM - Pizza with John and Mimi.
Old George has been invited to go out with friends John and Mimi for pizza! That will be later this afternoon. In the meantime, we have made a Camp and are applying some Vertglas on MsTioga.


Making MsTioga shiny with Vertglas.

9PM - Nite Camped in La Mesa.
MsTioga is Nite Camped next to the huge Mission Trails Regional Park in the City of La Mesa. We are far enough away from the big freeways so that the sound of traffic will not be heard tonite.


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