Tuesday, November 07, 2006

10:30AM - Very late this fine morning.
I am very late this morning because of spending a wonderful time with Nacho, Luis, Loreto and the children. You may read about the fantastic meeting with these people in yesterday's last post, OK?

I am going to publish a webpage about Victor's Restaurante and the family who owns it. Please stop by here when you are passing by the Pueblo of San Ignacio. Victor's is one of the first places as you enter the road to the Pueblo. Mention that Jorge told you to come, and you will receive a complimentary coffee, margarita or refresco.

MsTioga and Jorge recommend Victor's Restaurante. There is a place for you to park your RV for the nite. The family is soooooo friendly! You will love it here.


MsTioga and Jorge recommend Victor's Restaurante and RV Camp.

12 Noon - This is Santa Rosalia Day!
This is the day everybody on The Team has been waiting for! We are heading to our lovely hometown of Santa Rosalia.

Everybody is soooooo anxious to see our friends. Chito and Alty and all the rest. We wonder about Jorge's Garden. It will not be long now.

1:30PM - Santa Rosalia!! Our hometown in Mexico.
When we arrived in Santa Rosalia, MsTioga wanted to take a peek at the center of town. So, we did. It is wonderful being Santa Rosalia again.

As we were entering town, we were able to see where the mud and rock slides crossed the highway from the big storm. The highway is all cleaned up now.

We drove up the dirt road to our camping place next to Chito's home. Our friend Poncho greeted us from his porch. The road past Poncho's to the two water tanks is in terrible condition. Huge ruts! Little Mavicito will take pics and you show you, OK?

We bet that you are wondering about Jorge's Jardin (Garden).


Jorge's Jardin has done pretty well.

4PM - Seeing my friends and neighbors.
Everybody in Chito and Alty's family did fine during the past year. Victor is able to read much better. Chito has a new job in a grocery market. Alty who has to travel across the arroyo in order to go to work, had trouble during the recent rains, and had to go thru mud and deep water. Both Ana Karen and Alejandra are doing great.

The house of Chito and Alty was not bothered much by Hurricane John. Several weeks later, however, it rained very hard for three days and the road below the house suffered as you may see in the pic below.


The actual road is worse than shown in this pic.

5:30PM - Victor and Jorge in the garden.
Just about at the end of the day, Victor came over to MsTioga. We decided to look at the Sea of Cortez and all of the Pueblo. So, we got out a chair and talked about the things that we could see below us.

Victor showed me how far he could throw stones, which is pretty far! He talked about a zillion things, many of which I do not understand, because Victor speaks very, very fast.


My friend Victor in the garden with me.


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