Friday, November 10, 2006

4:30AM - Problems with Blogger.
This morning we received an email from Reader Tom telling us that there is a problem with accessing our Blog Archives. And sure enough there is a problem. We are trying to fix it.

What better place to work on our website than our hometown in Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico?

6:30AM - Changed our URL.
If you are reading this post, then the link on our old blog page worked. That we were able to do this, must have been a miracle from God.

8AM - Mr. Sunny wants some shorepower.
We were up much of the nitetime working to find out what the problem was with Blogger. Of course we used up a ton of electric power. More than we had ever used before!

Mr. Sunny asked if he would be able use Chito's shorepower. So, we plugged him in!

Plugging in to shorepower.

3PM - Spending time in our garden.
We spent most of today in our garden. The view is sooooooo gorgeous. And we like to look at our new cactus. Sometimes we read, and sometimes sleep.

Little Mavicito took the pic below to email to Aunt Shirley, who has a huge cactus garden. And we decided to share this pic with you too.

Garden with a view.


Google Earth Link

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