Saturday, November 04, 2006

5:30AM - Sleeping near the surf.
It was easy to sleep last nite with the surf pounding only a few feet from MsTioga's door. There is something mysterious about the sound of the waves, which is not noise to us on The Team.

We love the sound at the Ocean.


High tide.

11AM - Spellbound by the palapas.
We tried to leave our Camp, but the palapas had us in their spell. Mr. DeLorme said, “We have all day to get to Ciudad de Guerrero Negro.”


The palapas would not let us leave!

3:30PM - Baja California Sur.
The Team has crossed the state line and entered Baja California Sur. At the border, immigration checked our papers and MsTioga was sprayed for fruit flies. Interestingly, a bunch of flies flew into MsTioga while we were at the border station.


Giant flag of Mexico at the state border.

4:30PM - Nite Camped in Guerrero Negro.
We have made our Nite Camp a block away from the salt factory of the giant Exportadora de Sal. MsTioga is parked in a large dirt lot adjacent to a children's playground. Jorge sees a swing in there!

Before we made our Camp, we went to a Banemex and got some cash. We use no credit cards in Mexico. Cash is much more convenient. We also went shopping for groceries.

You should look at where we are with Google Earth! Zooming in and out with Google Earth is sooooo neat. The salt ponds are nearby our Camp, and you may see the bay where the whales go in the wintertime. Just click on the maplink below and then on the Google Earth link, OK?


Exportadora de Sal.

6PM - Chicken Taquitos.
Does it seem odd to you to be cooking up Mexican food in Mexico? But we love to cook, and our food tastes sooooooo good!


Taquitos, frijoles, guacamole!


Google Earth Link

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