Tuesday, November 21, 2006

5AM - Studying Spanish.
We are loving studying Spanish now. It is essential to be able to be taught the subtle things about Spanish. Our new course InstantSpeak Spanish does this. We cannot be asking people to sit down and explain the usage of words as important as the Spanish word "es", for example. Without a teacher, words like "es" come very hard.

"¿De donde es?" as an American means "From where is?" But to a Mexican, it means "Where are you from?" How is a student of Spanish to learn this? In a conversation when the words come flying at you like crazy, "¿De donde es?" is a meaningless jumble. Doesn't mean anything! Our new Spanish teacher, InstantSpeak Spanish explains it all, by speaking and explaining.

Jorge is in hi-speed mode now!

9AM - Jorge Machete.
MsTioga said upon seeing Jorge cutting the weeds, "Maybe he should be called Machete Jorge?" Jorge says, "Using a machete is really hard work, even after I sharpened it."

Isn't it incredible that all of this growth came because of a few weeks of heavy rain in September and October? Jorge and Chito had cleared out all that you see to the trees, last Spring!

10PM - The Team Menu.
We receive email commenting that our menu lacks variety. Hmmmm? Cheryl M. (a chef in a hotel restaurant) sent email just yesterday writing the same. Even MsTioga agrees with Cheryl and the others! Man-O-Man!

MsTioga read Cheryl's email and told Jorge, "You prepared taquitos, refried beans and Spanish rice twice in the past week."

The pic above is last nite's supper. Jorge says, "It was wonderful."

1PM - Another week of 2003 deleted images republished.
The hardest part republishing the 2003 images that Blogger deleted, is staying awake! It is 101°F inside MsTioga. Jorge just melts when it is this warm. We have found out a way to just roar thru this republishing, when the temperature gets so high.

Just go outside where it is much cooler (in the 80s), and take a nap. Very refreshing. Chopping some weeds with Chito's machete is another way to wake up!

1:30 to 4:30PM - Mr. Trek goes to town.
Mr. Trek wanted to go to town. So, Jorge and Little Mavicito went too. First we went to a plumbing store and bought a hose bibb and new hose end for one of Chito's pipes.

Then we went to find Chito at the Super Mercado Alba, where we works. We had never gone inside this grocery before. Chito was busy stocking fruits and vegetables.

Little Mavicito had never been to the south side of Cachania, so we headed there. The new government building that was in constuction when we went north last April, is now complete.

A man who works in a store nearby, said that this facility is for yachts, to encourage tourism. The sign at these buildings reads, "Fonatur." We will have to learn more about this yacht place.

Little Mavicito took a pic of the now complete, and very wide ocean sidewalk. Mr. Trek loves this nice side side walk, and really sped along going back downhill.

We wanted to treat ourselves to supper at the Super Pollo Real on the north end of town. Chuy and G├╝ero, the carpenters who built Michel the photographers RV office and Chito's new porch live near Real, so we stopped there to say hello.

The chicken at Super Pollo Real is wonderful. When you come to Cachania, we recommend that you try it. $5.30US for half a BBQ chicken and french fries with a coke.

Jorge did pretty good pushing Mr. Trek back up the BIG hill. This is our 2nd week back in Santa Rosalia. Jorge says his legs are much stronger now that he has been going up this hill almost everyday.

Also, as we mentioned before, there seems to be less of Jorge now. He seems to have lost some weight from all of this up and down stuff.


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