Wednesday, November 01, 2006

6:15AM - MsTioga does not drive into the Sun!
Did you know that MsTioga believes that it's not safe to drive into the morning Sun? So, we must stay here in El Rosario until the Sun gets higher.

But Little Mavicito does not like sitting around waiting for the Sun to rise. After morning exercise, he got Jorge to take a walk around El Rosario. And that's where they are now.

ElRosarioAMWalkA11-01-2006 ElRosarioAMWalkB11-01-2006 ElRosarioAMWalkC11-01-2006

ElRosarioAMWalkD11-01-2006 ElRosarioAMWalkE11-01-2006 ElRosarioAMWalkF11-01-2006

Little Mavicito's view of El Rosario this morning.

11:30AM - Loaning MsTioga's jack.
Do you remember when MsTioga got stuck in the mud on the beach at Playa Los Cerritos in 2004? Soooo many people helped us then. We decided to buy tools so that we could help people too. One of the things we bought was a hydraulic jack.

We stopped at a grocery market so that Jorge could take a nap. We are in Mexico now, so George is calling himself Jorge. A man and a boy walked over to MsTioga and asked if we had a jack. We loaned them the jack, which they needed to change a blown tire on a trailer. That was when we met Israel and his 16 year-old nephew Alonzo. We also met Guillermo, the owner of the grocery.

What nice people! Guillermo told me that he has owned his grocery since the early '70s, about the time that the highway was built. Israel owns a junkyard in the Ciudad of Guerrero Negro, and Alonzo works for him.

IsraelGonzalez11-01-2006 GulliermoLoncheriaA11-01-2006 GulliermoLoncheriaB11-01-2006

The Team helps fix the flat tire.

12:30PM - Camped in the Pueblo of Cataviña.
We have made our Camp where the Pueblo meets the desert. There is a school building a short distance away. If you click on the Datastorm Map link below, and then on the Google Hybrid Link, you will be able to pan down and see exactly where MsTioga is parked at the map's center.


Cataviña Camp in the late afternoon.

Early evening - The desert is a gift.
Little Mavicito and Jorge were out until it was too dark to see. They were having the time of their lives! The desert is a gift, and if you love to take pics, you just got to be out there.


The desert at Cataviña just before nite.


Google Earth Link

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