Saturday, November 11, 2006

6:30AM - Ana and Victor baking cookies!
Ana Karen and her brother Victor have been pleading with Jorge to bake cookies. And this morning is cookie baking time! We are soooooooo excited about that.

The kids are going to bake our Oatmobile cookies.

8:15AM - Ana Karen and Victor are here.
We love the sparkle in the kid's eyes. They are almost breathless with excitement. And so are we on The Team!

First the kids cleaned the table top, because that is where the cookies will cool. Then they cleaned the large mixing bowl.

Both Ana Karen and Victor helped measuring ingredients. Ana did the mixing and putting spoonfulls of cookie dough in the baking pan.

Then came the hardest part, looking at the timer waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven.

9AM - Kids had to go!
Jorge is able to speak Spanish pretty good. Understanding what others are speaking is another story. Ana Karen told several times about having to go someplace. It sounded like church confirmation class or something. Anyway, sister Alejandra came to get them, and suddenly they were gone.

It is a blessing to be able to do things like baking cookies with the kids.

Noon - La Chiquita Casa.
We would never even think of living anyplace but in MsTioga. Being able to travel all over, is just too wonderful.
However, La Chiquita Casa (The Little House) next door to Chito, makes us dream a little. Way up on the hill with a wonderful view. A cute backyard. And three little rooms. We love the arches.

There is even a garage. In the garden grows a bougainvillea and a fig tree.

La Chiquita Casa was destroyed during a hurricane several years ago.

A post from the past:
Sunday, September 07, 2003 :::

Vagabonding Thoughts:
Family & friends wonder if I am lonely.
They ask, "What do you do out there all alone, George?"
In the morning, they walk out to their yard.
I drive out to my yard.
Their yard is an old friend.
My yard is a new adventure :)

4:15PM - Washing MsTioga.
Only in the early mornings or late afternoons, may we wash MsTioga. The middle of the day is much too warm. Now it is only 78°F, perfect for washing!

MsTioga insists on being clean. She knows that she must be in good condition for many years.

6:30PM - Saturday nite in the Pueblo.

We defrosted a chicken enchilada for supper. But we are not going to eat in MsTioga when there is so much going on this Saturday nite in El Centro (the center of town).

We guess that cruising is perfectly legal in the Pueblo.

The salchicha (hot dog) cart is loaded with customers. And we know why. Those salchichas are soooooooo good! We bought one and a Pepsi to drink.

After the salchicha, we walked up to the Pavaroti taco cart around the corner and ordered two of their fantastic tacos carne asada (BBQ beef). Wow! These tacos are the best in the whole world.

This is our 3rd year being in Santa Rosalia, and the family who owns Pavaroti knows us. We had a nice conversation with the family at the taco cart.

8:30PM - Raymundo and his family.
We walked a few blocks over to say hello to our friend Raymundo and his family. Raymundo is the only person in Santa Rosalia that we write email to while we are traveling in the USA.

Raymundo is moving into his home that he owns in El Centro. We have never been to Raymundo's home. We asked several people where Raymundo lived, and found his home. We had a nice conversation with Raymundo, his wife Sandra and friend Fidel.

Guess what?! Raymundo invited us to his Christmas party on December 24th. Isn't that the greatest thing?

The pic shows Sandra, Jesus (son), Raymundo and Fidel.

10PM - Francesca and Poncho's.
As we were walking up our hill back to MsTioga we were passing the home of our friends, Francesca and Poncho. There was a little party on their porch, and they asked us to come in. Man-O-Man! The people here in Santa Rosalia our soooooooo friendly.


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