Thursday, November 16, 2006

6:30AM - Blogger is easier this morning.
After we posted that we had quit messing with Blogger last nite. We went back. It's like a magnet, that Blogger. Guess what happened? We found a better way to upload our pics! And, those pics "blow up", because they are all thumbnails!

If you go back in our archives to May, 2003, you will see how all the images "blow up" now! When MsTioga and I first began our adventure, we did not know anything about thumbnails.

9AM - Chito knocks on MsTioga's door.
It is not the custom in Mexico, to just ask for something. First, there are pleasantries. Small talk about this and that. We talked about the garden, and how nice the cactus plants were growing. It is a gorgeous day, and we talked about that. Chito offered to cut back the overgrowth of plants that had sprung up during the past several months.

When it was time, Chito asked if I would help install their new computer. He had picked up the electricity regulator yesterday. Of course I said, "Yes!"

11AM - Setting up the computer.
Little Mavicito and Jorge went over to Chito's to set up the new Dell computer. This is the very first time that we have been in the living room of the big house. It is very nice, and is a throw-back to the beginning of the 1900s.

First thing that we did, was to use our multimeter to check the house voltage. It is a terrible 112 volts, and goes up and down often. No wonder a regulator is required! The regulator holds the power to 125 volts. Very good!

None of Chito's house is grounded. Built around 100 years ago, maybe grounding was not a construction spec back then. We installed some electrical stuff last winter, and grounded it. Perhaps we will be able to do the same to other parts of the electric system?

The computer runs great, right out of the box. No problems. We do not know what kind of internet connection Chito's family plans on using. Even Chito did not know about that, referring us to his daughter Nereyeda who will be coming home from work around 2PM.

When Nereyeda came home, she phoned about an internet connection. It costs about $20 per month which is a lot for the family. MsGQ volunteered to search the internet to find out if a less expensive connection may be found.

4:00PM - Going shopping.
You know that we love to go shopping, even when there is no Wal*Mart! We do not buy too much, because everything that we buy has to be carried up the BIG hill.

Do you remember the fiesta? Little Mavicito took a pic of the fiesta banner hanging over the street in El Centro a few days ago. The fiesta starts tomorrow, and goes for three days. We saw some of the preparation for fiesta on our walk thru town.

At Super Mercado "Cachania" we bought some boneless chicken breasts, Jack cheese, fruits and vegetables. Also a large pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. We are weak for the sweets!

We took the little trail up the hill on the way back home. This is our 3rd year in Santa Rosalia. We know the way on the trail pretty well now. The first time we went on this trail, we took many wrong turns because it winds between houses. Sometimes there are two or three paths branching off in different directions.


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