Monday, November 06, 2006

6:30AM - Cleaning MsTioga.
Do RVs need more cleaning than a stick home? We have been cleaning MsTioga's mini-blinds lately. The plan is to do about 15 minutes of blind cleaning every morning until all the blinds are clean. Is MsTioga a dust magnet?

9:30AM - Heading out of El VizcaĆ­no.
We have spent the morning answering email (we are sooooo behind in email!) and working on webpages. Having Mr. Datastorm as a Team Member is such a wonderful thing. Being able to go online anywhere is fantastic.

Now we are heading out of El VizcaĆ­no, and plan to stop in San Ignacio and likely Nite Camp there. Have you noticed how close we are getting to the lovely Santa Rosalia! Hmmmmm?

10:45AM - Desert green for reader Matthew.
Reader Matthew wrote, “The desert does not look that green to me in image that you posted yesterday.” So, Little Mavicito and Jorge went and took a pic so that Matthew could see green of the desert up close.

It has been two months since Hurricane John dumped huge amounts of rain on the desert where we are traveling. And we still see lots of standing water along the edge of the highway. So far, we have found NO road damage as a result of the big storm to the highway.


The green of the desert, up close.

12 Noon - The Team is in El Pueblo de San Ignacio.
We remember being in San Ignacio once before, but we never visited La Plaza, the center of the Pueblo. There is a very nice park there. And, we found a restaurant for lunch!

SanIgnacioA11-06-2006 SanIgnacioB11-06-2006 SanIgnacioK11-06-2006

The park in the Plaza of San Ignacio. Street with Rene’s Restaurante.

Little Mavicito and Jorge are the only customers in Rene's Restaurante. The waiter says that most business comes in at nite. We ordered Tacos with chicken.

SanIgnacioD11-06-2006 SanIgnacioE11-06-2006

Lunch at Rene's.

1PM - The church in La Plaza.
After lunch, we walked around La Plaza and visited the wonderful old church. Little Mavicito loves old churches.

SanIgnacioC11-06-2006 SanIgnacioI11-06-2006 SanIgnacioJ11-06-2006

The church, former San Ignacio de Loyola mission.

Just off the plaza, is a museum with exhibits of ancient people from this area. There are many photos of cave art, and even a representation of a cave! Pretty neat!

SanIgnacioF11-06-2006 SanIgnacioG11-06-2006 SanIgnacioH11-06-2006

Museum of ancient people.

2:30PM - Victor's Bar Camp.
MsTioga was not comfortable making a Dry Camp in the Pueblo of San Ignacio. We found Victor's Bar and Restaurante, which has a big yard in back. We asked permission to park overnite. The charge is 50 pesos, $4.60US to park.

We hope that we will not lose our reputation with you of always camping for free!

5PM - An almost impossible coincidence.
I saw the family who owns Victor's Restaurante on the porch, and went over to say hi. We got to talking about my home in Santa Rosalia, and I mentioned that I camp for free at the home of my friend, Chito Arce. Well it turns out that everybody on that porch is related to Chito Arce. I could not believe it! Chito, my friend and neighbor in Santa Rosalia is the Uncle to Nacho and Luis (owners of Victor’s Restaurante).

I am aware that I seem to be soooooo lucky, at this time in my life. And things like this happen to me a lot. But meeting these wonderful people who are close relatives to my friends in Santa Rosalia, just blows me away!

In the pic below from the left are, Nacho, Loreto and Luis. Loreto and Luis are married and their children are Luis Rene and his sister Nayely. Nacho and Luis are brothers.


Nacho, Loreto, Luis; children, Luis Rene and Nayely.


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