Monday, November 13, 2006

6:45AM - Laundry day.
And that means bringing our laundry to Lavamatica Amelia in El Centro. Do you remember us repairing Chito's shopping cart? We will use that cart to carry the laundry. Without that cart, getting the laundry to Amelia's would be really hard!

The "Teach Publishing on the Internet" plan.
Mr. Chips came up with a plan to teach people here in the Pueblo, how to publish webpages on the internet. When we visited with our pal Raymundo the other evening, Raymundo mentioned that the computer room in the library was now connected to the internet.

We are going to the library this afternoon, to check out their computer room. When kids come to use the computers, we will ask them about putting pages on the internet, and see what happens!

11:30AM - Lavamatica Amalia.
We are at Lavamatica Amalia.
On the way down the hill near our home, one wheel came off the shopping cart. A pin that holds the wheel on to the axle fell off. We found a tiny nail on the road, and it worked!

After we loaded the laundry into two washing machines, we had a conversation with Olga, the young woman who works here. We were very surprised when Olga said that she has seen our webpage!

It turns out that Olga is the grandaughter of Chuy, the carpenter who built the office in Michel the photographer's LazyDaze RV. Chuy showed Olga the Tioga and George card that I gave to him containing our web address.

Isn't it a small world? Hmmmmm?

12:15 - The ice cream store.

After we put the clothes in the dryer, we decided to look around. We found a new ic
e cream store almost next door to Amalia's. It is called "La Jardin De Las Nieves" (The Garden of Ice Cream).

There is a wonderful play area for children inside the ice cream store. It is called, "The Garden." Jorge ate a small cup of ice cream in the garden. What a life!

2PM - Publishing from the Biblioteca.
We have gone down to the biblioteca (library), and sure enough, the entire bank of computers is connected to the internet!

We have signed into our account in Blogger. All of the instructions are in Español, so we are stumbling around a bit. But we are publishing this post from the biblioteca!

3PM - Our first student arrives.
We were messing around on the computer trying to download an FTP program used to upload files to the internet. Two young people took the seats next to ours. After awhile, we asked the boy next to us, "Do you have a page on the internet?" He answered, "No." We asked if he would like one. He answered, "Yes!"

The boy's name is, Luis. We showed Luis how to find Blogger. We got Luis registered on Blogger, and then he wrote and published his blog! Would you like to take a peek at Luis' blog?

It is a miracle that this plan to teach webpublishing here at the biblioteca in Santa Rosalia has taken root. Wow!

As you may read on Luis' new blog, he published his email address. Maybe you would like to send Luis an email? We bet that he would get a kick out of receiving email from you even if you do not write in Español.

10PM - Catching Calamar.
We asked our friend and neighbor Poncho what those lites are off the coast at nite. Poncho explained that the lites are on the boats of fishermen looking for calamar (squid). He told how calamar how are caught. And that calamar are caught at nite.

During the nite while sitting at the top of our garden, we see the boats out in the sea. We actually do not see the boats at nite, but their lites. These lites sort of look like low stars, against the black of the nite sea.


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