Sunday, November 12, 2006

6:45AM - Zopilotes.
Yesterday a zopilote (vulture) buzz-bombed MsTioga. Victor was here when we found the clues of the bombing. Jorge was really angry. But Victor went almost crazy laughing himself silly. Both Victor and Jorge worked at cleaning up this nasty mess off two camping chairs, and all around MsTioga's front door.

This morning we went up on MsTioga's roof looking for zopilote stuff and could not find any. We did find that Mr. Sunny's solar panels were covered with dirt! Wow! No wonder Mr. Sunny has been working so hard lately.

2:30PM - Camera for los chamacos.
Do you remember last April when we made an agreement to pay Ana Karen to take care of our garden? When we returned to Santa Rosalia last week, we learned that all of the cha
macos (kids) took care of the garden.

We were going to give them money. And then we noticed how interested Ana Karen was in Little Mavicito. We have an extra camera onboard MsTioga. We all talked it over, and decided to ask Nereyeda, the chamacos Mom, for permission to give them the camera.

It is amazing how today's computer literate chamacos just absorb how to run electronic stuff. They know everything! And they are loving their new camera.

In the pic, Ana Karen and her sister Alejandra mess with their camera.

5:30PM - Shopping for supper.
We have been up on our hill this entire spectacular day. Blue skies and not hot at all. Now, we want to buy some stuff for supper at the Super Mercado Cachania. On the way, Little Mavicito took some pics. Would you like to see them?

As we passed the hospital and went down the steep stone steps leading to El Centro. Little Mavicito took a pic looking at the harbor. Wow!

When we reached El Centro and were passing the Santa Barbara Church, we saw a banner across the road. There is going to be a fiesta!

6:15PM - The trail back to MsTioga.
We took the little trail thru the homes on the hill leading back home. It is not too hard going up this little trail, which is dirt sometimes and in other places rocky.

We are carrying our groceries which include a ripe avocado to make guacamole. We need this to dip our homemade tortilla chips! We also bought a pound of butter just in case we want to make more cookies!

We stopped to talk to Alty, Chito and the rest of the family. We found out that they managed to obtain a new computer from Telmex, the huge phone company. Perhaps the family got some kind of free computer when they signed up for an internet connection? The computer cannot be powered up however, until an electricity regulator is bought. The electric power here is not good.

7:30PM - Enchilada, refried beans & corn tortilla chips.

We are eating great this evening! While the chicken enchilada and refried beans were in the oven heating up, and the corn chips were frying on the stove, Jorge prepared the guacamole.


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